Homart Pharmaceuticals sponsors social function for working holiday young workers with great passion

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The Mid-Autumn social event for Australian working-holiday young workers, sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals, was recently held at Chatswood High School. This grand event was organised by the Australia Chinese Traders Federation and sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals and other institutions. The NSW Industrial Relations also assigned government officer Mr.Neil McGarvie to make a speech at the event. This event was held to gather all Australia working-holiday young workers together, sharing the interesting stories happened in Australia, which made the young workers experience the passion of overseas Chinese in Australia. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals was proudly appointed health supplement brand of “ Show Over the limit 2013 World Live Tour Sydney Stop”

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The “Show Lo Over the limit 2013 World Live Tour Sydney Stop” sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals was grandly held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Regarded as “Asia Dancing King”, Show Lo (Xiaozhu) demonstrated superb performance, pushing the concert to consecutive climax by his exquisite dancing skills, lively dynamic singing and music. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals Sponsors Sydney Taiwan Carnival with great passion


The second Sydney Taiwan Carnival, sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals, was grandly held at Tumbalong Park located in Darling Harbour. This grand carnival comprised of the world-renowned Taiwan orchid, night market snacks and a lantern show consisting of a twister snake and LED environmentally-friendly paper sculpture lantern light. As well as the lantern show, many Taiwan temple fair dancers all gathered together to perform. There were more than 30,000 people that participated at this carnival, and the crowd’s crazy and enthusiastic atmosphere and energy greatly demonstrated Taiwan’s cultural beauty. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals sponsored 2013 Kogarah Carnival

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The 2013 Kogarah Carnival sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals was grandly held at Carss Bush park recently. This grand event was organized by Kogarah City Council and sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals and other media institutions. The event started at 11am and finished around 6pm. Due to the tremendous fascinating activities, thousands people from all different suburbs in Sydney have been attracted to participate this event. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ charity is widely known in China.


Australia’s Homart Pharmaceuticals held “The Caring Donation Charity Event” through the Shanghai Christian Qingxin Church (The Shanghai Christian Qingxin Church, established in 1860, was named as the first “Shanghai Presbyterian Conference Centre”).This is Homart’s second charity donation after the ‘Sponsor Deaf Individuals in Shanghai City Changning District’ held in July this year. The Shanghai Christian Qingxin church was the first church built by the North American Presbyterian church in Shanghai and has been recognised as one of the most time-honoured ancient churches in China . This event was conducted by Ms Angela CHEN, Operations Executive of Homart Pharmaceutical’s China branch, on behalf of Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals Ms Lynn YEH. The people that attended this special event included the Qingxin church priest and representatives of the deaf students that would be the recipients of the donations from Homart Pharmaceuticals. Read More