Homart Pharmaceuticals donates towards the Poverty Alleviation Project in Hunan Xiangxi, China


The donation ceremony of “The Poverty Alleviation Project in Hunan Xiangxi China,” conducted by Homart Pharmaceuticals, was grandly held on October 24th, 2013. This great event was attended by many distinguished and important guests such as LI Hua Xin, who is the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney, city councillors and many Australian mainstream media representatives. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals Brand New Cheri Hand Therapy


Established in 1992, Homart has produced high quality Australian health food and skin care products, provided exceptional reliable service as well as followed through with its business culture concept: ‘Be responsible and return to society.’ It has gained huge popularity amongst all Australian and International loyal users through its outstanding sales performance. SPRING LEAF, TOP LIFE and HEALTH&NATURE, three top quality famous brands from Homart have reached every corner of the world. While Homart’s health supplements have risen to worldwide popularity, Homart’s skin care products have also continuously grown at a rapid pace, celebrating significant milestone after milestone. Cheri skin care products have won over numerous beauty-conscious consumers through its professional research and development applications and technologies, its use of quality raw materials, its top product quality, and of course its amazing results. Homart Pharmaceuticals is determined to look after the hands of all our loyal customers and users, and have now introduced the brand new Cheri Hand Therapy product range by way of its rigorous cGMP manufacturing standards. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals supports Adolescent Parent-Child Relationship Campaign


Homart Pharmaceuticals has always been supporting and sponsoring various charity and community events. A recent event that Homart Pharmaceuticals sponsored was the 2013 Adolescent Parent-Child Relationship Campaign, held over three days, where the participants engaged in a variety of courses and activities, successfully conducted at the famous Sydney tourist attraction The Blue Mountains. More than two hundred participating parents and teenagers declared that they had gained a lot from participating in this enjoyable weekend activity. This campaign was organised by the Chinese Community Social Service Centre (CCSSCI) and sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals, Parramatta City Council, Bendigo Bank and other institutions. The purpose of this event was to build better family relationships between teenagers and parents coming from a migrant background, and this was facilitated through seminars led by experts as well as specially designed parent-child campaigns. Around one hundred families participated in this relaxing and highly educational campaign. Read More