Homart Pharmaceuticals wins the “Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013”

Homart Export Award20131111-WEB

The ‘Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013’ ceremony was grandly held at the Sydney Darling Harbour Conference Centre recently. Homart Pharmaceuticals was honoured to become the biggest winner at this event and was crowned the champion amongst a wide variety of fierce competition, standing out as a winner from its many competitors. The participants and competitors for the “Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013” were selected from the top enterprises from various industries, and some of our competitors included the Argyle Hotel Group, which has more than 3400 employees, the Micropace Company, a medical company that occupies more than 65% of the market in American medical apparatus and instruments, Blackmores, a well known pharmaceuticals company and Skin DNA. There were many other top companies and competitors all in contention for this prestigious award. Homart’s outstanding contributions to both the economy and to society as well as its strong enterprise strength have been recognized, reflected by its victory amongst such intense business competition. Read More