Ms. Lynn Yeh –Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceutical Pty Ltd was awarded the Parramatta Local Woman of the Year

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On 18th December 2013, Ms. Lynn Yeh – Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceutical was presented by Minster of Family and Community, Pru Goward MP and Dr Geoff Lee MP as the Local Woman of the Year for the Electorate of Parramatta. On 7th of March 2014, Ms. Lynn Yeh will represent the Electorate of Parramatta to compete for the 2014 NSW Women of the Year! Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals new Wild Antarctic Red Krill Oil released to Market

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Since 1992, Homart specialised in manufacture Australia Health Supplements and Skin Care Products. Company consistently provide quality products, reliable service and benefit community. Homart has won great popularity among the Australia and international clients in the past 21 years. Spring Leaf, Top Life and Health & Nature are the three major brands well known in the world. This Christmas Homart introduced this new popular product – Wild Antarctic Red Krill Oil to bring a health life to our clients and have a health new year. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals grandly hosted the Taiwan New Product Launch Press Conference


Homart Pharmaceuticals recently hosted a grand new product launch press conference in Taiwan. TOP LIFE, SPRING LEAF, HEALTH&NATURE and GOLDEN HIVE, four famous brands from Homart, have now officially launched in the Taiwanese market. This grand scale press conference brought a wide variety of distinguished guests, including Representative of the Australian Office Taipei Mr. Martin WALSH, President of the Youth Career Development Association Headquarters XU Hui Xu, Secretary General of the General Youth Career Development Association ZHI Hong Huang, president of LiuYuan Huan Pty Ltd, as well as various presidents of other Taiwanese listed companies. Miss Lynn YEH, Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals represented her company at this press conference, along with her senior management team. In addition to all these distinguished members and guests, there were many well known journalists and reporters from many different media channels and newspapers, with some famous reporters including Nailin XU, Quanzhen YEH and Yaping LEE, in attendance to send their regards. This grand press conference was presented by Nailin XU, and the enthusiastic atmosphere generated greatly demonstrated Homart Pharmaceutical’s strong business strength, entrepreneurial flair and extraordinary popularity, regardless of location. All outlets of the Taiwanese Media vigorously reported on and praised this grand event afterwards. Read More