Homart Pharmaceuticals’ Caring Donations to Red Cross



Recently there was a warm donation event held in the Shanghai Red Cross Headquarters to donate Hearing Aids to some elderly who were deaf. Homart Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH flew to Shanghai and donated 180 sets of these hearing aids to Red Cross Shanghai. This generous donation could help these deaf individuals hear their own voice again, and this helped them to feel the love from society. This was the third set of Hearing Aids that was donated from Homart. Red Cross Representative Ms Yinchao DING graciously accepted these donations, and presented an honourary certificate to Ms Lynn YEH. Read More

A Healthy Workplace and Happy Homart



Homart has always revolved around the key concepts of ‘Health,’ ‘Balance’ and ‘Happiness’ and we endeavour to provide that to all involved with our company. Homart was established in 1992 to care for people’s health, and is committed to manufacturing high quality health supplements and skin care products. Homart also engages in various charity activities and events, as well as organising many healthy activities for staff members to relax. This is part of Homart’s culture, helping Homart become a happy and healthy business. Read More

Representatives of the Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference visit Homart Pharmaceuticals



The Representatives of the Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Conference recently led the Professors of Fudan University and Environmental Professionals to Australia to visit and study the environmentally friendly and energy saving methods in Australia. Part of their agenda was to visit Homart’s new cGMP Factory and explore Homart’s corporate culture, as well as their well-established manufacturing standards. The representatives received a warm welcome when they arrived at the new cGMP Factory in Rydalmere. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals support Australia Charity organization CCCSC new year thanks-giving party



The annual Charity organization thanks giving new year party was grandly hold at the beautiful natural Homart pharmaceutical factory located near the Upjohn park recently. This party was to gather all volunteers and people together for a joyful festival. Belinda-the representative of CCCSC prepared all the delicious food by herself in order to thank for all the great effort that volunteers have contributed for the past year. Read More