Homart Pharmaceuticals supported Taiwan Australian working-holiday young workers festival


Homart pharmaceuticals recently sponsored Taiwan Australian working-holiday young workers festival at Sydney Olympic park. This activity is sponsored by Homart pharmaceuticals, host by Taipei Economic and culture office in Australia, Culture Center of OCAC in Sydney. This event was held to gather all Australia working-holiday young workers together, sharing the interesting stories happened in Australia, which made the young workers experience the passion of overseas Chinese in Australia. Read More

Taiwan University of Technology visit Homart pharmaceuticals accompanied by University of Western Sydney



Homart pharmaceuticals has warmly received the visit from Taiwan University of technology accompanied by University of Western Sydney. The tour was comprised by the EMBA from Taiwan university of technology is a technology university located at south of Taiwan Tainan province, founded in 1969. Taiwan university of technology has stick to the school motto derives from The Analects of Confucius. In Confucius’ opinion – understanding;, clarity, gentleness, courtesy, honesty and respect. It has cultivated thousands and thousands of highly educated professional engineers and leaders who have contributed to the society development significantly. This visit was organized by university of western Sydney. After thoughtful consideration and negotiation, university of western Sydney has finally decided to proceed with Homart pharmaceuticals- a leading health and wellness company which has won 14 prestigious international and national awards. It wishes that this visit could bring business insight and inspirations to the EMBA students. It also hope this could be a good opportunity for EMBA students to learn and discuss the secrets and experience of running such a successful business corporation and fast growing business strength. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director –Ms Lynn Yeh was invited to visit the Australian Broadcasting Corporation


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s first national public broadcaster. Entirely founded by the Australian government, the corporation provides television, radio, online and mobile services throughout metropolitan and regional Australia, as well as overseas through the Australia Network and Radio Australia. The ABC was established in 1932 with its headquarters in Ultimo. The ABC operates 60 local radio stations, in addition to five national networks and two Television Channels, covering 98% of Australia’s landscape. The ABC stations located across Australia and worldwide transmits these programs to more than 40 countries. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals host Pilate training lessons-promoting a happy corporation culture


Homart Pharmaceuticals has always dedicated itself to hosting various activities to promote health and wellness. Recently, Homart Pharmaceuticals invited a professional Pilates Trainer to deliver free Pilates lessons at our office. Pilates originally started from the early 20th century, and is a physical fitness program developed by German Joseph PILATES. Pilates incorporates the eastern flexibility and the western strength, with slow postural movements closely related to breathing. These sorts of exercises are ideal for all ages, especially for working individuals who lack exercise and are exposed to computers for long hours at a time. In order to help the employees and their family members relax both physically and mentally, Homart has committed to regularly host these Pilates lessons. This will help to relieve some pains such as back pain, neck pain and joint stiffness, as well as relieving stress and calming the mood. Homart takes a great amount of care for their employees’ physical and mental health, encouraging everyone to exercise and relax in an harmonious environment so they will feel more readily involved in the company, as well as experience the company’s culture of care and love. Read More