Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Attends the 2014 Women of the Year Awards


 The 2014 Women of the Year Awards were presented on the 7th of March 2014 (the eve of International Women’s Day) at Parliament House. These Awards recognised the many achievements of women across NSW. This year 78 local women were elected to be finalists in contention for the awards. Homart Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH  was the only Chinese woman shortlisted for this award, encouraging many more Chinese women to work harder and strive for outstanding results in Australia. Read More

Homart pharmaceuticals was invited to visit Parliament of New South Wales



Parliament of New South Wales is located in Sydney, the central city of New South Wales. This 200 years old historical building inherit King George Style, it is also oldest building in Sydney. The shelter at the two sides is Gothic style. The building behind the historical main building is 12 level diamond hall which was built to connect 20 century to 70 century

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