NSW Premier Hon. Mr. Mike Baird MP Congratulates Homart Pharmaceuticals on Receiving its 15th Award


Established in Australia in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has won many outstanding awards in the past 22 years. Lately Homart has grown steadily and rapidly, and once again has successfully entered into and proudly won the 2014 Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence in Export on August 22nd. Homart has won 15 Australian and International business awards during the past 5 years. This award again proves Homart’s business strength and its contribution towards the economy in Australia. NSW Premier Hon. Mr. Mike Baird MP, and Dr. Geoff Lee MP were all there to congratulate Homart on its achievement.

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Australia Department of Industry Invites Melbourne University to Study Homart’s Secret s to Success


Since its establishment 22 years ago, Homart Pharmaceuticals has rapidly expanded. Homart specialises in manufacturing high-quality health supplements, skin care and infant formula products. It has won 14 Australian and International awards in the past 4 years. Homart products have been exported to Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries. Due to Homart’s significant contributions towards the Australian Economy and its efficient and healthy growth, The Australian Department of Industry invited Melbourne University to study for a whole day the business practices of Homart. They also interviewed Operations Director – Mr. Jeffrey, who shared Homart’s culture and operations philosophy and discussed how Homart built its cGMP factory amidst the recent Global Financial Crisis.  The Australia Department of Industry and Melbourne University will use Homart Pharmaceuticals as a case study and publish their findings for the public to study. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director- Ms. Lynn YEH Honourably Published on Front Cover


Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director – Ms Lynn YEH was recently interviewed by well-known Taiwanese magazine – International Trade. In the interview Ms YEH shared her experience of building Homart over the past 22 years through her dedication and hard work. Homart has established many world famous brands and set up high standards within its cGMP factory and has won 14 international business awards.  Ms YEH also shared her insights and secrets in managing a successful business. Read More