Homart Enters Suning Stores Australia Pavilion


Recently, Homart Group officially launched in Suning flagship store-Australian Made Pavilion, in upmarket district in Shanghai Pudong, right next to New Shanghai Shopping Centre. The new venture made most of the Suning channels in department stores and e-commerce distribution. This business model ensures the consumers with the best deal and highest quality. Read More

Homart Exclusive Coverage by China Daily on Road to Success


Recently, Homart Group has received an invitation from China Daily Asia Pacific Chief Editor Mr Karl Wilson to share its success story with their readers.

Homart is situated in the pristine location of national reserve of Sydney. It houses cGMP germ-free manufacturing area, modern office environment, research and development lab, logistics and inventory management warehouse and the 175 years old heritage listed Upjohn museum. Read More

Homart Supports China Charities for Children


Homart Group has continuously supported China Charities Aid Foundation for Children over the years, and donated to children in special needs and homeless children. Homart always takes care of the community, for many years we have participated in charities over the world. Read More

Lose Weight with SpringLeaf Chia Seed


Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, dietary fibre, protein, multivitamins and minerals, which should all be included in your daily diet to improve your overall health and wellbeing. The Omega-3 in chia seeds can help support a healthy heart and improve cholesterol levels. Chia seeds are also rich in calcium to support the strengthening of your bones. They are also rich in iron to maintain various bodily functions and keep you healthy. Their high dietary fibre content assists in a healthy digestive system and helps in weight loss by reducing appetite and the low GI helps balance blood sugar. Chia seeds supply a plant-based source of protein which is essential for your health, especially beneficial for vegetarians and vegans. Chia seeds are also high in antioxidants which can help reduce free radical damage to your body.
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