Homart Australian shines in the Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition

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Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd attended the largest biotechnology exhibitions held in Taiwan. Homart exhibited and sold its Australian-made products during this exhibition. It had been the dazzling attendee in the past years. A lot of professional buyers worldwide were attracted by the natural healthy products from Homart; and they also seek further business cooperative opportunities with Homart. Read More

Homart supports and sponsors Deaf Individuals in Shanghai, China

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On the 15th of July, Ms Angela CHEN, Homart Pharmaceutical’s operations executive in China, attended the caring donation event on behalf of Ms. Lynn YEH, the Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals. This event was also attended by Mr. Jian PENG, Deputy Director General of the Shanghai City Changning District Department of Civil Affairs, Ms. Guorui ZHANG, Member of CPPCC and Deputy Minister of United Front Work Department of Shanghai City Changning District, Mr. Lianshui YE, the Chairman of the Australia China Club and many individuals working in the field of public welfare. Read More

《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China》- The competitors representing Oceania are ready.


The second season of 《Homart Pharmaceuticals — The Voice of China》, which has attracted the attention of millions of people, has been broadcasted on Zhejiang TV in China since July this year. There were many special guests including international famous stars such as Ms. Huimei ZHANG (A-Mei), Ms. Ying NA, Mr. Chengqing YU and Mr. Feng WANG, who appeared as “star teachers”. They were responsible for providing guidance to the competitors. The second season of 《The Voice of China》followed the same selection procedure as the first season. The directors flew from city to city to seek “good voices”. Differently, however, the second season of《The Voice of China》reached outside China’s borders, going internationally to find “good voices” for the first time. It spread its stages to three main areas, including Oceania, America and Europe. Homart Pharmaceuticals is the exclusive title sponsor of the second season of “The Voice of China” Oceania 《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China》The show’s premiere audience rate broke previous records of viewership. The 10 excellent competitors out of the 《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China》 are also practising, as they prepare to go to China to take the challenge and win honour for the Oceania region. Read More