Homart Pharmaceuticals grandly hosted the Taiwan New Product Launch Press Conference


Homart Pharmaceuticals recently hosted a grand new product launch press conference in Taiwan. TOP LIFE, SPRING LEAF, HEALTH&NATURE and GOLDEN HIVE, four famous brands from Homart, have now officially launched in the Taiwanese market. This grand scale press conference brought a wide variety of distinguished guests, including Representative of the Australian Office Taipei Mr. Martin WALSH, President of the Youth Career Development Association Headquarters XU Hui Xu, Secretary General of the General Youth Career Development Association ZHI Hong Huang, president of LiuYuan Huan Pty Ltd, as well as various presidents of other Taiwanese listed companies. Miss Lynn YEH, Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals represented her company at this press conference, along with her senior management team. In addition to all these distinguished members and guests, there were many well known journalists and reporters from many different media channels and newspapers, with some famous reporters including Nailin XU, Quanzhen YEH and Yaping LEE, in attendance to send their regards. This grand press conference was presented by Nailin XU, and the enthusiastic atmosphere generated greatly demonstrated Homart Pharmaceutical’s strong business strength, entrepreneurial flair and extraordinary popularity, regardless of location. All outlets of the Taiwanese Media vigorously reported on and praised this grand event afterwards. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals was invited to attend the 18th COSMOPROF Asia Hong Kong Exhibition

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Homart Pharmaceuticals was recently invited to attend the 18th COSMOPROF Asia Hong Kong Exhibition. This grand exhibition was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition centre from the 13th of November to the 15th of November, 2013. At this event, there were more than 2168 well-known international exhibitors from more than 43 countries, double the number of participants in comparison to last year. As a result of this larger scale event, the exhibition area was expanded to 76,000 square metres. Mr Michael DUCK, Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd, stated that “This is the biggest COSMOPROF Asia ever. The strong turnout is indicative of the importance of the show for the region, and of the Asian cosmetics market to brands and suppliers from all over the world.” Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals hosts signing ceremony with Taiwan Distributor

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Homart Pharmaceuticals has warmly received its Taiwan Distributor and grandly hosted the signing ceremony recently at the head office located in Rydalmere. Homart’s Taiwan Distributor’s Australia trip lasted 5 days, and they also brought their own TV crew for filming, demonstrating the importance of Homart Pharmaceuticals to their business. This signing ceremony was hosted by Miss Lynn YEH, Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals, witnessed by Operations Director Mr Jeffrey, and General Manager Mr Ken GREEN. This 5 day business trip also included an invitation to Dr. Geoff LEE, member of parliament, President of the Australian Made company Mr. Ian HARRISON, representative of the Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Sydney Mr Frank CHEN, Operations Manager of Australia’s biggest health food store ‘Mr Vitamins’ Ms Emma, to attend an exclusive interview that was filmed. They all highly praised Homart’s high quality products, the significant contribution towards the Australian economy through its international export business, and they also expressed their blessings for the signing ceremony, and encouraged Homart’s Taiwan distributor to bring Homart’s 100% pure, healthy, high quality health food and skin care products to the Taiwanese and Asian market for the benefits of worldwide health. Read More

Homart Pharmaceuticals wins the “Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013”

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The ‘Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013’ ceremony was grandly held at the Sydney Darling Harbour Conference Centre recently. Homart Pharmaceuticals was honoured to become the biggest winner at this event and was crowned the champion amongst a wide variety of fierce competition, standing out as a winner from its many competitors. The participants and competitors for the “Premier’s NSW Export Awards 2013” were selected from the top enterprises from various industries, and some of our competitors included the Argyle Hotel Group, which has more than 3400 employees, the Micropace Company, a medical company that occupies more than 65% of the market in American medical apparatus and instruments, Blackmores, a well known pharmaceuticals company and Skin DNA. There were many other top companies and competitors all in contention for this prestigious award. Homart’s outstanding contributions to both the economy and to society as well as its strong enterprise strength have been recognized, reflected by its victory amongst such intense business competition. Read More