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“SpringLeaf Fat Clear” with Beautiful Festival

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It has been 26 years since the Homart Group founded. Homart Group has achieved good results since its inception in 1992. The latest “SpringLeaf” series of Homart’s brands are honored with the new product, “SpringLeaf Fat Clear”. Once available on markets, it is sought by the majority of beauty lovers. On the occasion of the 2019 New Year, “SpringLeaf Fat Clear” will help you to have a beautiful festival! Read More

HOMART Warmly Congratulates the 2018 Chinese Chamber of Commerce Union Annual Dinner

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Homart Group was invited to attend the 2018 Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Charity Gala held at the Sydney Town Hall. The Hon. Ray Williams MP, The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, The Hon. Clr Philip Ruddock, Mr. Trent Zimmerman MP, Mark Coure MP, Commercial Counsellor, Hongbo Wang, Commercial Office of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney, Weishi Wang, Commercial Consul, Australian Chinese Community Chest Chairman Mrs Monica Chu, Sydney City Councilor Junxuan Chen, George River Vice Mayor Sam Elmir, City Councilor Naxin Liu Taiping Gentleman, Homart President PeiLing, Yeh (LYNN YEH) and major media totally about 600 people attended the event. Read More

Homart Invited to 2017 China International SME Fair on Cross-Border Ecommerce and Australian Made Forum


2017 China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (CISMEF) was held in Guangzhou China. Well-known Australian manufacturers, represented by Homart, appeared under the leadership of Australian Made (triangle kangaroo logo) and brought high-quality Australian brands to this event. A leadership summit was held during the fair too. Australian Consulate-General Guangzhou Deputy Consul General Paul J. Sanda, Australian Made Campaign CEO Ian Harrison and Homart CEO Lynn Yeh were invited as VIP guests to attend this event and made wonderful speeches.

One of the highlights of this fair is the leadership summit—Australian forum, which was held by Australian Made and Guangdong Cross-Border E-commerce Industry Association. Lynn Yeh was invited to give a detailed introduction to the development of the health industry in Australia and China at this forum as a representative of Australian manufacturers.  She said that “Australian health products have great prospects in China and the demand is very high, but now they are also facing the challenges of China’s import laws and regulations, market preference for hot products and lack of productivity after hot sale.”

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