Eric Moo 2019 World Tour Sydney Concert Sponsored by Homart

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Eric Moo’s 2019 World Tour Concert, sponsored by Spring Leaf of Homart Group, Australia as a health food, began with the “Moo of Gratitude” in Sydney on August 31. Eric Moo, Dr. Lin yin-nuo and the “Worship Group” musicians are outstanding in the Chinese pop music world and each of them is a famous musician in the pop music world. It is always their prayer and expectation to perform in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ on the shining stage. That night, the CEO of Homart Group, Lynn YEH, attended a concert by Eric Moo to witness and share their loving energy.

After the concert, Ms. Yeh and her husband also participated in “Compassion” that was the activity of adopting children in poverty, and they adopted two children until they turned 18 to be adults, Awewonu Isha and Najenjwa Fikirini Lukwaro both from South Africa. The organisation of “Compassion” is to take Jesus as the center, children as the target and church as the base to help children out of poverty. Mr Lynn said the reason why to choose these children was that they had waited up to 300 days without being adopted. Therefore, Ms Yeh and her husband decided to support them financially until they turned 18 to improve their lives. At the same time, together with these two children, they have seven children in total. As a successful businesswoman, LYNN not only promotes her contribution to Australian society and economy, but also actively participates in various charity activities. Lynn Yeh (The CEO of Homart) was not only received by Chinese President of Jinping Xi, Premier of Keqiang Li and Mr. Ma Ying-jeou in Taiwan, but also rated as the “Outstanding Representative of Australian Immigrants” by the federal government of Australia, and won the “2014 NSW women of the year” award and the “International Women” award in the “2016 NSW governor’s export” award.

Homart Group was established in Australia in 1992. Homart specialises in manufacturing and marketing high quality Australian health supplements. Homart Group has sponsored a number of top pop stars’ concerts, such as Jay Chou World Tour Australia Concert, Jane Zhang, Joey Yung and Hacken Lee World Tour Sydney Concert, A-mei Zhang ’s World Tour Sydney Concert, Zhang Jie’s World Tour and so on. After 27 years of development, she founded Homart cGMP pharmaceutical factory and 12 well-known Australian health food, skincare products and dairy brands with high standards, which sell well and popular all over the world. Moreover, she has won 16 international awards in Australia for 6 consecutive years. Australian first choice in health care, Homart!

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