Homart Presents Special Gifts to Northeast of China in Association with the Celebration of Lunar New Year


Homart Group was invited to the Lunar New Year celebration held by northeast of China Association. Many celebrities and politicians arrived to see the traditional China musical performance and celebrated lunar New Year together. Former member of New South Wales Legislative Council – Virginia Judge came to express appreciation for the economic and trade contributions that overseas Chinese people do for Australia and China. As the main sponsor for offering diamond as gifts, Homart Group also provided a variety of presents for the raffle including Top Life dragon gift box – the product which was produced by Jackie Chan Charity and Homart Group. Read More

Homart Christmas Party feat. Pink Ribbon Day


Homart Group was established in 1992, and in the past 24 years, Homart has regularly been involved in various charity activities. This time, Homart will again take action to work with Cancer Council NSW and bring awareness to the wider community.

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