Homart Managing Director to make a speech “Get a Happy and Balanced life”

The Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals Ms. Lynn YEH, who was awarded a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Sydney, set up Homart Pharmaceuticals and cGMP factory twenty years ago when she was only twenty four years old. Now her health food products have become very famous internationally. Homart health products and the […]

Kevin Rudd celebrates Chinese New Year with Homart Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Rudd (Hon. Kevin Rudd MP), the former Australian Prime Minister, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and incumbent member of Congress, invited his Australian-Chinese friends to a dinner on February 2013 in Sydney to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Ms. Lynn YEH, the Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals, and Jeffrey, the General Manager of Homart […]

Austrade Officers’ Visit to Homart Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Tim Beresford, the Executive Director of Austrade, together with Mr. Camil M. Gereis, Representative of Australian Trade commission and Trading of NSW, made their visit to Homart Pharmaceuticals’ Rydalmere head office on the 4th of February 2013. With the accompaniment of Lynn YEH, CEO of Homart and Jeffery, general manager of Homart, Austrade officers […]