Homart Pharmaceuticals represents Australian Health Products in the Korea exhibition

Homart has won 12 international awards in consecutive years, such as the ‘NSW Governor Export Awards,’ ‘Champion of NSW Business Achievement’, ‘NSW Business Achievement Awards’ and ‘Awards of Entrepreneurial Model’. Homart has become one of the top leading brands representing Australian Health food products. With the strong recommendation of the Australian Trade Department, Homart Pharmaceuticals […]

Thailand MBA Scholars visit Homart Pharmaceuticals

Recently, Homart Pharmaceuticals warmly welcomed distinguished MBA scholars coming all the way from the famous Ramkhamhaeng University to visit and study. Founded in 1971, Ramkhamhaeng University is an open university in Thailand named after the king Ramkhamhaeng. Ramkhamhaeng University is renowned for its subjects such as business administration and law. After research, arrangement and recommendations […]