Homart sponsored Joey Yung and Hacken Lee World Tour Sydney Concert

Sponsored by Homart Group, Joey Yung and Hacken Lee World Tour final concert was held successfully at the Sydney Qudos Bank Arena. The two stars expressed gratitude to the sponsor Homart Group. Homart has supported the concert together with many internet celebrities. SpringLeaf beauty collegen and Autili Lactoferrin were sent as gifts in the venue […]

Homart products sold all over the world including Taiwan

Homart specialises in the manufacturing of high-quality health supplements and skin care products. Which have expanded to the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, The Middle East and many other countries and regions.  Homart is also bringing premium health products to Taiwan families through Homart’s well-known partner and listed company- China Chemical & Pharm. Since 2013, the Homart […]