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Homart Pharmaceuticals supports the Marriage & Family for Christ

Originating in the United States of America, Marriage & Family for Christ is an international, non-profit organisation. The Australian Marriage & Family for Christ is also a government approved and officially registered marriage counselling charity. Its mission is to work together with the church through providing multi-approaching retreats, seminars, meetings, marriage counselling, literature, media and audio/visual aids to strengthen Chinese Christian marriages and family relationships. As it shares the same values of bringing people to a healthy, balanced, happy life, Homart Pharmaceuticals’ support and sponsorship of this organisation is made all the more meaningful. Not only theoretically recognising their contributions to making people happy over the years, Homart Pharmaceuticals also actively encourages more Australians to attend the Marriage & Family for Christ run activities such as marriage seminars and marriage enrichment retreats to learn how to run a marriage that leads to both human happiness and social harmony.

With self-awareness and self-assertiveness increasing nowadays, men and women often adopt uncompromising stands on their thoughts and opinions, and lack the communication and interaction skills needed in a marriage, which results in fragile marital relationship and high divorce rates, which in turn triggers more complex social problems for the future. Therefore the act of maintaining and strengthening marriages and harmonious family relationships has becoming the main concern of Marriage & Family for Christ. Theoretically, it may only take around five years of full time study to become a doctor, lawyer or accountant, but the most important role of one’s life as a husband, wife, mother or father has never been formally studied. Yet it is a responsibility that one has directly after marriage, and one that requires plenty of concepts and skills to maintain happily and healthily. Every marriage can receive substantial help, advice and guidelines from the Marriage & Family for Christ organisation.

Marriage & Family for Christ activities include marriage enrichment retreat, pre-marital ministry, youth relationship development ministry, workshops and other public seminars. In addition, Marriage & Family for Christ produces training materials and periodicals about psychology, marriage and family. On top of all this they also provide family counselling services to those that feel they would benefit. As an example of the services they provide, marriage enrichment retreat is based on a marriage therapy training course. Couples can benefit a lot, and as a result of this retreat experience a closer relationship. The professional exploration of native families explains to members how to shape and try to change one’s personality in marriage, introduces the differences in males and females by human nature, and helps couples to communicate and understand each other in a simplified and easy way while strengthening their marital relationship. Through the marriage enrichment retreat, couples learn how to prevent arguments, undergo marital healing, establish and consolidate their relationship, learn and practice their communication and problem solving skills, which help to enrich the loving relationship, and in the end walk with one heart as a happily married couple. Marriage & Family for Christ also organises a various range of activities concerning love, pre-marriage and the maintenance of a happy marriage. For example, these activities discuss the expectations around marriage, the coordination of both characters together, the financial plan to adopt after marriage, family plans etc. Full services and support are provided throughout pre-marriage, the process of getting married and after marriage. It is clear that Marriage & Family for Christ provides comprehensive and complete care and support. For anyone interested in their services and in participation, please contact Marriage & Family for Christ’s Sydney office phone at (02) 9715 6923, or contact them through their email at info@mffc.org.au

Australia Homart Pharmaceuticals runs its business based on its company culture of supporting and continuing to be devoted to the community, supporting various arts activities and encouraging multicultural and artistic exchange. This can be seen in our active endorsement of the organisation Marriage & Family for Christ. Homart sincerely appreciates the continuous support from our valuable customers and will keep supplying Australian-made, top quality health supplements for our customers. Homart, the healthy choice for Australia! Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo information:
Marriage & Family for Christ’s marriage enrichment retreat members with Homart Pharmaceuticals’ staff groups.

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