Homart Group Managing Director Lynn Yeh Invited to the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia


Homart Group managing director Lynn Yeh, as a VIP guest, was invited to attend the fifth anniversary celebration of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia which was held in the Canterbury Bankstown Municipal Center. Founded in Australia since 1992, Homart Group has actively participated in charity activities and contributed to the community. Each year Homart gives a helping hand to charities in Australia as well as many other places all over the world, setting an example to other enterprises and giving back society. Since the establishment of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia five years ago, Homart has continuously provided it with support.

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Homart Sponsored the 3rd Huaxing Arts Festival


This week, Huaxing Arts Festival Mid-Autumn Performances sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals and hosted by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of The State Council and Huaxing Arts Group was successfully concluded, with thousands of people having attended. The two wonderful performances, Blossoming Flowers Open to the Sun and The Moon Shining Over the Tianshan Mountains, debuted at the Sydney International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICC SYDNEY).

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Homart Invited to the Second China Elderly Health Industry Expo


China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association (CMPMA) is China’s largest pharmaceutical retail chain association with more than 5,000 members, including famous listed companies such as Guoda Drugstore, Nepstar Drugstore, Tong Ren Tang, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, Yunnan Baiyao and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. The members cover all the medicine industry related areas, such as large pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical industries, medical data research centres and health media. Recently, the fifth session of the seventh executive council was held in Harbin. Read More

火速围观!阿里巴巴《中澳跨境电商博览会》又见Homart !  


2017年10月13日-10月14日阿里巴巴将举办南半球最大规模的《中澳跨境电商博览会》, 集合Homart活曼特集团与上百家澳洲企业巨星云集, 邀您一起与阿里巴巴及各大企业一起面谈, 有Spring Leaf 绿芙特级 健康产品, Autili 澳特力 母婴系列, Cheri 高端护肤品…与众多品牌…免费参观, 全场还有需多精美礼品…还在等什麽? 火速报名去 !!!!

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