Homart congratulates the 2017 Christmas & New Year Gala of Australia-New Zealand Chinese Business Chamber


Homart Group was invited to attend the 2017 Christmas & New Year Gala of Australia-New Zealand Chinese Business Chamber. Many celebrities and politicians, including Tong Xuejun -Deputy Consul General of PRC in Sydney, Wang Can-Consul, Qian Qiguo-Australia Confucius Studies president, Australia-New Zealand Chinese Business Chamber’s honorary presidents Zhang Jianqiu, Shao Junliang and Fei Youying , Wei Zuliang- president, Homart CEO Lynn Yeh and etc, have been invited to attend this event and celebrated Christmas & New Year together, and the total number of participants exceeded 640.

Founded since 2008, Australia-New Zealand Chinese Business Chamber is one of the largest and most powerful Chinese business chambers in Australia. Homart Group provided table gifts and raffle prizes for this event, including Spring Leaf gift boxes and Top Life dragon gift boxes – the products were produced by Jackie Chan Charity and Homart Group.

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Homart invited to VIPSHOP.COM to attend the Vip.com Sydney Roadshow & Distribution Centre Opening Ceremony


Homart Group was invited to attend Vip.com Sydney Roadshow & Distribution Centre Opening Ceremony which was hosted by VIP.com, China’s third largest e-commerce giant. VIP.com has just opened a 5,400 square meter warehouse in Sydney. This is the first large-scale warehouse exclusively owned by Vip.com in Australia to store quality Australian products and sell them to China. Hillary Wang-VIP.com’s Head of Global Buying, Liu Bing-Senior China Adviser of Austrade, Jonathan O’Dea-Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Treasurer, Homart CEO Lynn Yeh and etc. were invited to attend this event.

While VIP.com is not as well known outside China as its home base rivals Alibaba and JD.com, the Chinese online discount retailer is third largest and boasts a comparable consumer base of 300 million. And it is one of major exporters of Australian products for export to China. The products include A2 infant formula, Uncle Toby Muesli Bars, Spring Leaf healthy food, UGG boots and etc. The daily number of independent visitors of this online discount retailer is about 28 million and Vip.com’s annual revenue is more than 10 billion US dollars. Hillary Wang said that: “In China, Australian products are seen as trustworthy, high-standard, pure and green products, which is why Australia will be our first income source in the next 12 and we expect to provide Chinese consumers with products of 500 million yuan”.

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Homart participated in 2017 Cosmoprof Asia


Homart was invited to participate in 2017 the 22nd Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong, As Asia Pacific’s most influential and largest international cosmetics supply chain event. This year’s Cosmoprof Asia has an exhibition area of 108,600 square meters, attracting 2,800 exhibitors from around the world and more than 76,800 visitors.

Homart’s products including Spring Leaf Premium Inner Beauty Collagen, Kangaroo Essence with Maca , Cheri Whitening Anti-Ageing Bio-Placenta Serum, Spring Leaf Eucalyptus Propolis Toothpaste with Fluoride, Spring Leaf Lutein (Sharp Eyes) Aussie Kids Gummy, Top Life Royal Series, and AUTILI formula. During the past 25 years, Homart has been committed to providing high-quality products with the Australian-made triangular kangaroo logo, were extremely well received and popular at the exhibition.

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Homart participated in Hep B Mandarin Communications Campaign Launch Event


Homart participated in the Hep B Mandarin Communications Campaign Launch Event as the representative of Chinese enterprises. Stuart Loveday, the President Executive Officer of Hepatitis NSW, Lu Ping, the Counsellor of Consulate-General of China in Sydney, Chinese councillor Nancy Liu, Paul Han and Christina Wu, and Homart CEO Lynn Yeh attended this event to launch this 10-month charity campaign. Lynn Yeh made a speech as the representative of enterprises which are dedicated to public benefit.

This event was held by Hepatitis NSW and Australian New Express Media Group. It aims to increase hep B awareness in Chinese community. Hepatitis B is caused by Hepatitis B virus. If Hepatitis B patients fail to test regularly, it will easily lead to liver damage, liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. However, Hepatitis B patients who are regularly tested may also be healthy and have a long life.

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