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  • HA-Placenta Essence 10ml X 3 Ampoules

    -Soften visible dark spots.
    -Promote even skin tone.
    -Smooth fine lines & wrinkles.

  • HA-Placenta Essence 10ml X 6 Ampoules

    -Soften visible dark spots.
    -Promote even skin tone.
    -Smooth fine lines & wrinkles.

  • Nano Performance Rejuvenation Serum

    Features and Benefits:
    – To helps reduce signs of aging, smooth wrinkles, protect against drying effect of sun, and cover up age spots.
    – Enriched with Collagen, Ginkgo Extract, Camomile Extract.

  • Phyto Hydrating Treatment Mask x 5 Pack

    – revitalise and moisturise the skin momentarily.
    – rejuvenate skin appearance
    – effectively reduce oxidisation and aging of skin.

  • Phyto Firming Treatment Mask x 5 Pack

    – Cater the skin the energy and strength.
    – Activate skin and muscle tissue to appear tighter, delicate look.
    – Highly effective for stimulating elasticity and skin.

  • Phyto whitening Treatment Mask x 5 Pack

    – Effectively even the skin tone.
    – Natural defence against UV rays.
    – Allows for healthy skin colour distribution.

  • Ultra Hydrating Collagen Extract Hand Therapy

    Product Description:

    This rich, hydrating non-greasy hand cream has been enhanced with Collagen extract, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Collagen fibres are vital for the elasticity of the skin of your hand, so replenishing your skin with these nutrients aids in keeping the hands elastic yet firm. Shea Butter’s high essential fatty acid and antioxidant content provides extreme hydrating properties as well as cellular restoration, preventing wear and tear to your hands.

  • Ultra Nourishing Manuka Honey Hand Therapy

    Product Description:

    A rich nourishing hand cream combining Manuka Honey, Vitamin E and Shea butter, helping to enhance fast absorption, aiding the nourishment and health of your hands through daily use. Manuka Honey has countless benefits for your skin, including repair, protect, and restore your delicate hand skins exposed to harsh environment every day.

  • Ultra Moisturising Rose Extract Hand Therapy

    Product Description:

    This specially formulated cream moisturises and protects your hands, keeping them smooth and soft despite daily activities and wear and tear. This formula combines Rose extract with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help lock in skin moisture, and further moisturise your hands with a delicate cream coating.

  • Tea Tree Ointment 20g

    – Soothing and relieving minor skin irritations and pimples.
    – Alleviating itches from insect bites and skin abrasions.
    – Protecting damaged skin from ingress of dirt and bacteria.

  • Tea Tree Oil 30ml

    – Pimples and Acnes
    – Minor Cuts and Wounds
    – Insect Bites and Stings
    – All- Purpose Household Gems Killer
    – Refreshing Agent and Air Purifier

  • Emu Oil with Eucalyptus

    -Emu Oil – easily absorbed by skin, help alleviate inflammation and replenish skin’s natural oils.
    -Camphor Oil & Menthol Oil – excellent pain reliever for muscle and joints.
    -Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Camphor Oil – antibacterial and antiseptic functions.