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《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China》- The competitors representing Oceania are ready.

The second season of 《Homart Pharmaceuticals — The Voice of China》, which has attracted the attention of millions of people, has been broadcasted on Zhejiang TV in China since July this year. There were many special guests including international famous stars such as Ms. Huimei ZHANG (A-Mei), Ms. Ying NA, Mr. Chengqing YU and Mr. Feng WANG, who appeared as “star teachers”. They were responsible for providing guidance to the competitors. The second season of 《The Voice of China》followed the same selection procedure as the first season. The directors flew from city to city to seek “good voices”. Differently, however, the second season of《The Voice of China》reached outside China’s borders, going internationally to find “good voices” for the first time. It spread its stages to three main areas, including Oceania, America and Europe. Homart Pharmaceuticals is the exclusive title sponsor of the second season of “The Voice of China” Oceania 《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China》The show’s premiere audience rate broke previous records of viewership. The 10 excellent competitors out of the 《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China》 are also practising, as they prepare to go to China to take the challenge and win honour for the Oceania region.

According to the audience rate published by CCTV in July this year, the premiere of the second season of 《The Voice of China》 was as high as 3.62%, which was the best throughout China to date. This also broke the audience rate of premiers for Chinese entertainment programs over the years. The audience rate during the rebroadcast reached as high as 1.576%. This rebroadcast audience rate even exceeded the audience rate of other programs that were shown on the same night. The data regarding the broadcast of the show over the Internet was eye-catching too. 31,420,000 users watched this program using the internet within 48 hours of its original airing. This was far beyond the audience that watched the broadcast on TV. Based on conservative estimations, the whole second season of 《The Voice of China》 will generate an amazing record of 3,000,000,000 people watching. As the exclusive title sponsor of 《The Voice of China》, Oceania 《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China》, Homart Pharmaceuticals was extremely proud of these views and achievements made by the television show. .

The queen of songs, Ms. Huimei ZHANG (A-Mei), appeared as a ‘star teacher’, and was invited to China from Taiwan to assist in coaching of the contestants. Superstar A-Mei has endorsed a variety of world-renowned brands, such as Coca Cola, Sprite, Nokia N73 and Chanel Watches, to name a few. Homart’s Top Life brand product series was specified as the exclusive health food brand for A-Mei’s concert. Homart is constantly following the trend and keeping pace with top global brands throughout the world.

As the exclusive title sponsor of the second season of 《The Voice of China》, Homart Pharmaceuticals has been established for more than 20 years. Homart has always operated with the principles of making an effort to bring people a healthy, balanced and happy life, to care about people’s health all the time and to manufacture high quality Australian healthcare products and skin care products. Homart Pharmaceuticals also participates in all kinds of activities which are beneficial to the physical and mental health and well being of society. They hold public welfare activities and support all types of activities for the public in order to repay society. Since its establishment in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has produced its three big brands Spring Leaf, Top Life and Health N Nature, amongst other brand product lines and series. Homart Pharmaceuticals has an extremely reputable image and is popular all over the world. Homart was also the exclusive health supplement retail manufacturer in the Australian National Pavilion during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Homart Pharmaceuticals has constantly won 3 to 4 Australian International awards every year. So far, 12 Australian International awards have been awarded to the company, and our products are highly recognised throughout the world. Australian Healthcare, Homart is your best choice.

Homart Pharmaceuticals Company Telephone: 02-96482880, Website: www.homart.com.au, 《Homart Pharmaceuticals—-The Voice of China》 Oceania official website: http://www.voiceofchina.com.au

Photo information:
《Homart Pharmaceuticals–The Voice of China’s》exclusive title sponsor – Homart Pharmaceuticals congratulates the program for being the most viewed premier TV show.

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