Our Story

Established in Australia in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd specialises in marketing & manufacturing, and is a market leader in Australian made health supplements, skincare and dairy products.
Our Australian cGMP Manufacturing Licence (No: MI-2012-LI-04100-3) guarantees that all of our products are manufactured in compliance with the Australian Code of GMP.
Our Expertise
Our uniqueness is speed and efficiency in our manufacturing process from product enquiry to manufacturing as well as to the final destination. Our commitment is quality assurance and customer service in creating a long term partnership with our valued customers.
Our Products
At Homart, we formulate natural medicine through experienced chemists and naturopaths. Homart’s extensive range of products are derived from our core brands: Spring Leaf, Health N Nature and Top Life. The health supplements ranges from Fish oil capsules, daily vitamins, to unique products such as colostrum tablets, marine collagen capsules, eucalyptus propolis toothpaste and emu oil products. Our beauty skincare products that offers moisturizing and rejuvenation effects are based on lanolin, placenta, nano-tech ingredient, and herbal extracts. This product line includes lanolin cream, day cream, night cream, body lotion, and golden serum.
Our Promise
For decades, Homart has been an expert in the pharmaceutical industry, recognized for its’ product quality and holds an Australian GMP Manufacturing License (License No: MI-2012-LI-04100-3) to produce Supplementary Medicine. Homart strives to maintain its’ reputation by using the finest & highest concentration in the ingredients extracted to measure and test during the production process, that is aligned with the regulations of the Australian GMP. The Quality Control process is performed and conducted by our in-house professional experts to ensure the highest product quality that is consumed by our end-consumers.

Homart Group 26th Anniversary Introduction.