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Homart Pharmaceuticals was established upon the heritage site of the hundred years old – Upjohn Company.
The Upjohn House, a heritage building constructed in 1885, still stands graciously next to Homart today. The story of Homart started in 1992, inherited the renowned Victorian-garden style factory from Upjohn company, that had carried on for over a hundred year, to enhance therapeutic efficacy by extracting the best of different ingredients. It is this spirit of marrying health and nature with innovation and profession that has become a part of the Homart’s DNA to become successful today.




William Erastus Upjohn (June 15, 1853 – October 18, 1932), Was An American Medical Doctor. He Was The Founder And President Of The Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company. He Was Named The “ Person Of The Century” By The Kalama Zoo Gazette At The Turn Of The Millennium.

The Friable Pill

Ost Medicines In The Early Days Were In The Fluid Form Of Varying Degrees Of Potency Or As Pills, Which Were Usually Hard And Not Easily Digestible. Patients Were Left With Limited Choices And No Guarantee That The Pills They Took Would Dissolve Upon Entering The System And Releasing Its Medicinal Properties.


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