The Required Information
For Contract Manufacturing

Steps that you need to know…

1. Quantity

Your required quantity 

(eg: 500,000 capsules/tablets,5000 bottles, or 1000 kg cream/liquid/powder etc).

2. Formulation

If available, active ingredients and excipients.

3. Specification

If available, size and colour of capsule/tablet,microbial test requirements, chemical test requirements, etc.

4. Ingredient Specification

If the formulation contains special ingredients,customer may need to provide Homart with the speccifications of the special raw materials.

5. Special

If any ingredients must be purchased from specific suppliers, customer must advise the contact details of the specific suppliers and Homart will endeavor to purchase from those suppliers. If these are unavailable, Homart will then find alternative suppliers and will check with customers before purchasing the raw materials.

6. Samples

If available, a sample of the capsule/tablet will allow Homart to produce 100% matching product.

7. Required

The delivery time required by the customer. For first order, the shipment time is normally 16 weeks excluding R&D from deposit payment date. For subsequent orders, the shipment time is normally 12 weeks from deposit payment date.