Autili Adult Milk Powders Now Available on Officeworks Online Store

  Homart Group is proud of continuously having delivered high quality and natural dairy products to its customers since 1992. Homart’s flagship brands are making their way to major pharmacies, duty-free stores and gift shops Australia wide. The distribution channels include DFS Galleria, Sydney airport duty free store Think Australia, Cincotta Chemist, Priceline, Go Vita […]

Homart Among the Top 4 for 2016 Ethnic Business Award

Since 1992, Homart Group has received numerous international awards for its outstanding achievements in business leadership and product development. Recently, Homart was carefully selected by the distinguished jury panel of the Ethnic Business Awards as one of the top four enterprises in ‘Medium to Large Business Category’. This recognition has proved that Homart is one […]

Homart Launches at HEC Pharm Flagship Stores in China

Homart Group has officially launched its premium products in HEC Pharm flagship stores throughout China. Homart brought Spring Leaf Premium products, Autili Adult Milk Powders, Grandpawpaw Multi-Purpose Ointment and Cheri Skin care range to the middle class in China. HEC flagship stores are throughout China major cities and provides the best healthy living solution to […]

Top 5 Taiwan Medical & Cosmetic Surgery Groups Visits Homart Group

A few days ago Homart Group warmly received the top 5 medical & cosmetic surgery groups from Taiwan. Homart is situated in a pristine location in Western Sydney and houses a cGMP germ-free manufacturing area, modern office environment, research and development lab, logistics and inventory management warehouse and the 175 years old heritage listed Upjohn […]