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Australian Homart Pharmaceuticals becomes the title sponsor of “The Voice of China- Oceania Division”.

Since the launch of “The Voice of China”, it has become a very high rating TV program and grown famous all over the world. In China, the TV show caused a great sensation, becoming one of the most popular programs. Its cumulative hits on the entire network consist of over 1.5 billion people. In 2013, Australian Homart Pharmaceuticals became the title sponsor of “The Voice of China- Oceania Division”.
Recently, in “The Voice of China- Oceania Division’s” grand press conference, Homart Pharmaceuticals announced that they would become the Title sponsor of the second quarter of the show in Oceania. This is the first time that the “The Voice of China” has been held overseas. Many local well known Australian enterprises formed a strategic alliance to provide good music from Australia and New Zealand to audiences around the world. Chinese Consulate General in Sydney Deyu ZHAI Cultural Counselor, Australia Province Mr. Mark COURES, Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party of Australia Bankstown Constituency candidate, Mr. David COLEMAN, Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH, Oceania organizer President Mr. Guolin TANG, Co-organizer Mr. Junwu YU all addressed the audience separately, expressing their high hopes for this event. In addition, major media groups in Sydney Australia were present at the scene of the press conference.
The time for the second quarter of “Homart Pharmaceuticals -The Voice of China – Oceania Division” spans from April to June 2013. The selection region includes areas in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand etc. Winners selected at each selection event and area will participate in “The pinnacle of the night – Singing Oceania Party” at the end of June which will be held in Sydney, Australia. There will be 10 rookies to perform at this event, and they will be recommended back to China to participate in the second season of ‘The Voice of China.’ They also have a chance to be guided personally by a star instructor,

There are three categories of strong lineup judges in “Homart Pharmaceuticals -The Voice of China”: The first category includes music teacher, professors, doctors and other representatives of academia from major music colleges. The second category includes famous singers and performing artists, and the third category draws from expert music critics. “Homart Pharmaceuticals -The Voice of China” welcomes all overseas Chinese and foreigners who can sing Chinese songs to join in the festivities.

To register, please login at:
“The Voice of China” Oceania official website: www.voiceofchina.com.au
Organizers: Online Chinatown website: www.chinatown.com.au Tel: 02 – 9027 8891
Co-Organizers: Australian Chinese Performing Artists Association website: www.acpaa.org.au
Tel: 02-9923 2443
Australian based Homart Pharmaceuticals has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, and has placed emphasis on caring for the community for many years. In addition to the sponsorship of “Homart Pharmaceuticals—“The Voice of China”, Homart has also sponsored a variety of meaningful activities in Australia and globally in the hopes that Homart will be able to help the community. Homart Pharmaceuticals was established in 1992, and it produces high-quality Australian health food and skin care products through its honest and reliable corporate culture. Homart Pharmaceuticals has three brands which are famous in Australia and have been successfully sold around the world. They are the Spring Leaf, Top Life and Health N Nature series. Homart Pharmaceuticals was the only health product supplier to the National Museum of Australia in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Homart has also been the recipient of many awards: “NSW Premier’s Export Award Export of Goods category”; “Grand Award Winner, HKABA business awards”; “HKABA Business Award Export of Goods Award”; “Model of Overseas Entrepreneurs Award” and many other awards, highly multi-affirmed. Homart, the healthy choice for Australia!
Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd 02 9648 2880 Website: www.homart.com.au.

Photo Information:
Australian Homart Pharmaceuticals becomes the Title sponsor of “The Voice of China- Oceania Division”

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