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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the final round of competition “Homart Pharmaceuticals – The Voice of China, Oceania Region”

The Voice of China has formally held the final round of its competition “Homart Pharmaceuticals – the Voice of China, Oceania Region in the Zenith theatre, Sydney, Australia on the 15th of June 2013. The value of the copy right for the event was over half a million Australian dollars, exceeding three million Chinese Yuan. The Managing Director Ms. Lynn YEH of Australian Homart Pharmaceuticals, the exclusive title sponsor of the second season of the Voice of China Oceania Region, attended the event in her formal dress and encouraged the new competitors on stage together with other guests including Australian well-known philanthropist Mr. Jicheng WEI and his wife, Mr Deyu ZHAI. Other guests included the secretary of cultural affairs of Sydney General Consulate of P.R.China Mr. Guozhong WANG, the Senator of NSW Mr Guolin TANG, the Chairman of Chinatowns Australia Online Mr. Junwu YU of Sino-Australia Association of Culture and Arts, Ms. Qinfeng ZENG, the Chairwoman of XinFu Foods Group, Miss Dongmei LIN, Chairwoman of Fengyatang Group, the representative of Huaxia Media Melbourne, the Sky Kiwi, the representative of the Pacific Centre of Cultural and Arts Exchanges, amongst other distinguished guests.


Ms. Yinyin XIA, the group director of the production division of the Voice of China and part of the operation division of Sky Media, Ms. Jialei JIN, general supervisor of musical business of the Voice of Dreams Cultural Medias, flew to Sydney from China to select the Australian contestants themselves.


“Homart Pharmaceuticals-the Voice of China” Australasia was launched in April 2013 the events and competition has been held in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, of New Zealand. After the preliminary competitions and eliminations in the past two months, “Homart Pharmaceuticals-the Voice of China” selected ten singing stars to perform that evening. They are now going to fly to China to continue the competition in the second season, representing the finalists from Australia and New Zealand.


The top ten winners of “Homart Pharmaceuticals-the Voice of China, Oceania Division” were:

  1. Xiaojun LIANG (Celia), who was representing the Sydney region. Ms Celia was the first prize winner in the Sydney region for the TVBS overseas Chinese singing competition that took place in 2008, and the runner up in the final round of that competition held in Hong Kong. Additionally, she came third at the ‘Super Way of Sky Lights’ held in Taiwan in 2009.
  2. Weixin WU, who came from the Sydney region. Ms WU was the winner of the Australian overall star competition of 2012, and she graduated from the Musical School of UNSW with a scholarship.
  3. Modi ZHAO, also representing the Sydney region. Mr ZHAO was part of the top ten of the JMS overall grand star competition held in 2012, and the first prize winner of JUST universities and colleges in NSW.
  4. Leon LI, representing the Sydney region. Mr Leon was the 2012 Sydney Eisteddfod RnB Singer of the year, and also participated in the Beijing Water Cube Singing Talent Quests competition held in the Sydney Australia region.
  5. Zhiquan FANG, representing the Sydney region. Mr FANG was the winner of the best work of Taiwan 101 original musical competition, the winner of the Taiwan “Overseas Chinese Super Way of Sky Lights”, and also Taiwan ‘Super Idol”
  6. Qiuyue CHEN, representing the Melbourne region. Ms CHEN was a graduate of Shenyang Musical School, China and Queensland Musical School, Australia.
  7. Shuai YUAN representing the Melbourne region. Mr YUAN was the second prize winner of Happyman’s Voice 2010 of five competition regions, and he has also taken part in the show ‘Upwards Everyday.’
  8. Hualang HU, representing the Melbourne region. Mr HU has taken part in the show ‘Emperor Kanxi is coming,’ and was a participant in the ‘Super Way of Sky Lights.’
  9. Yan LI (Lillian) representing the Brisbane region. Ms Li was a winner of the “top ten singers” of Hebei Teacher’s College, China
  10. Yue LUO, representing New Zealand. Ms LUO was the third prize winner of the new stars of Chinese in New Zealand 2010, and the main actress in several musical dramas in 2012.


Homart Pharmaceuticals Australia, the exclusive title sponsor of “the Voice of China” in Australasia, has won twelve international awards in Australia. It has consistently cared about the health of Australia’s population with its corporate mission of bringing a life of health, balance and happiness to people. Beyond producing health products and skin care products with Australian premium quality, Homart has also been actively involved with events promoting health and the well being of the public in the last twenty years. Since its inception, Homart Pharmaceuticals has three own brands: Spring Leaf, Top Life and Health N Nature, and all of them have enjoyed a high reputation in Australia, and have been successfully sold all over the world. Homart became the Exclusive health supplements retail manufacturer in the 2010 Shanghai EXPO, and has received a large amount of positive feedback for its products over the years.

For Australian health supplements, Homart is your top choice.

Homart Pharmaceuticals telephone: 02-96482880.

Website: www.homart.com.au




Photo information:

Ms. Lynn YEH, Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals, with competitors and VIPs in the final competition, where Homart Pharmaceuticals was the exclusive title sponsor of the “Homart Pharmaceuticals- the Voice of China”

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