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          Homart is a market leader in Australian made health supplements, skincare and dairy products across our brand portfolio ranging from everyday lifestyle to premium luxury.
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documentary Conference To record 6 success stories of hard working Chinese-Australians, including Homart’s Managing Director, Ms Lynn YEH.

The <Dragon Footprints> series is produced by the ABC cooperation with the Asian media center, and this documentary focuses on six outstanding Chinese-Australian stories. These outstanding Chinese Australians are Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH,  The Hon. Helen Sham Ho OAM, King Fong OAM,  Mr. Henry NGAI,  Mr. Jason Yat-Sen Li and 2010 Young Australian of the Year Marita CHENG.

Coming a long way from the racial antagonism of the early gold rush days, Chinese-Australians have contributed greatly to today’s multicultural Australia. <Dragon Footprints> reveals the hardships, courage, hopes and achievements of six prominent Chinese-Australians. These inspiring stories reflect upon one of Australia’s most significant and illustrious migrant groups.

This rare documentary is produced by the Asian Media Centre and the Australia Network, playing in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) international channels, as well as Asia Pacific Insight Web, video site YouTube, and many micro blogging websites, as well as other social media network platforms. In addition, the album and DVD will also be sent as gifts to all regional libraries and community groups in Australia for the Australian public to watch.

The Managing Director of Homart, Ms Lynn Yeh is one of the protagonists of this documentary, and was honoured to be invited to be interviewed in the film shoot. This documentary records Lynn’s stories growing up, highlights her great achievements during her career, and displays her significant commitment to society. It highly praised the Chinese-Australians’ perseverance, courage, and indomitable spirit. Ms Lynn YEH is a second-generation migrant form Taiwan, graduated from University of Sydney, with a masters in Marketing. Lynn established Homart Pharmaceuticals in 1992, specializing in manufacturing and exporting health supplements, skin care products and infant formula. Ms Lynn YEH is consistently leading Homart to become a world famous Australia health supplement and skin care product company.

Ms Lynn YEH sincerely believes that company culture is the essence of success. She thinks an organisation, like a person, has a character, and she wants to lead Homart to become a respected company. Homart’s culture includes “reliance, law-abiding, honest, responsible, work efficient, and innovative”.


Since its establishment in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has been constant in their culture of faith, reliability and sustainability by providing premium quality health food products. It is well known for its 3 trademark brands, Spring Leaf, Top Life and Health & Nature in Australia. Homart was the sole Health Food Supplier at the Australian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo and its health supplements and business have won 14international awards in the past 4 years. Homart’s products are not only well-known in Australia, but also famous throughout the world.  They represent high Quality, Purity, Natural and 100% Australia made health supplements and skin care products. <Dragon Footprints> is a documentary record of Homart’s great growth and successful performance!


Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo: Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Ms Lynn YEH is invited to attend the <Dragon Footprints> documentary Conference

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