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Homart Group has become the first charity partner of CGBR foundation Supported by Australian Prime Minister, witnessed by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Environment and Energy and nearly 60 foreign diplomats in Australia

20/06/2017, the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of the Environment and Energy, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef (CGBR) Foundation, and diplomats from nearly 60 countries in Australia have attended the strategic cooperation in Parliament House of Australia to protect the world heritage the Great Barrier Reef. Homart Group Australia has also become the first socially responsible enterprise establishing a strategic partnership with CGBR Foundation. Sue Grace Media was authorized as the Greater China Representative Office of CGBR. The event was hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs – the Hon. Julie Bishop MP, Minister for the Environment and Energy – Mr. Josh Frydenberg, Federal Member for Leichhardt Queensland – Warren Entsch MP, CEO of Tourism Tropical North Queensland and Chairman of CGBR Foundation – Mr. Alex de Waal, CEO of CGBR Foundation – Mr. Andy Ridley, Marketing director of the Southeast Asian market for Tourism Tropical North Queensland – Ms. Joyce Yang, and Managing Director of Homart Group – Ms. Lynn Yeh, jointly placing the logo of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef on Homart’s Spring Leaf and Cheri products. This means that for the next 5 years, every bottle sold from these two series of Homart products with the CGBR sticker, $1 will be donated to the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. To support the eco-environmental conservation of the Great Barrier Reef, Homart Group took the lead, donated $200,000 and would try to reach $1,000,000 per year. This event was also supported by Australian Prime Minister – Malcolm Turnbull.

Australians are very proud of their world heritage the Australia Great Barrier Reef. It has the longest and the largest coral group stretching for over 2000km. The Great Barrier Reef in recent years starts to suffer from coral bleaching due to increased ocean temperature according to scientist’s analysis, but the deeper reason is the global warming and climate change.

The Australian Federal Government and the Queensland Government jointly released the “Great Barrier Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainable Plan” which includes 7 aspects: ecosystem health, ecological diversity, heritage, water quality, community benefits, economic benefits, and governance. The Australian government promised to invest 2 billion dollars in research and management of the Great Barrier Reef and nearby coastal areas over the next decade.

The Australian Foreign Minister, the Hon. Julie Bishop MP said “we have Great Barrier Reef 2050 long-term sustainable plan. This plan focuses on how to preserve, maintain, support GBR in varies many ways, in local action also technical action related with other countries and was recognized by the world heritage council. We want to share our experience, now CGBR is a fantastic application for everyone to sign up to protect this world treasure. It is not only just Australians treasure but the treasure of universe as well. ”

Chairman of CGBR Foundation, Mr. Alex de Waal, introduced that Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is a global charity organisation. It is committed to protect the great natural heritage for generations to enjoy. Mr. Alex de Waal said “Our vision is to create a global charitable social organization that will empower the present and future generations of citizens of the world with knowledge, experience and skills. Without the help of socially responsible companies like Homart Group Australia, this great goal could not be achieved. I am glad to announce that Homart Group and Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation have established a strategic partnership. This outstanding company will be the first charity partner of our foundation in the world.”

The Managing Director of Homart Group Australia, Ms. Lynn Yeh, in her speech said “The coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef concerns every Australian. Homart Group, as a representative of Australian companies, has also invited many Australian companies and many large international companies such as Alibaba Group, Netease Kaola, VIPShop, Beijing Tong Ren Tang, to the event today! Homart Group also invites companies around the world to protect the earth’s ecological environment, to support the eco-environmental protection of Great Barrier Reef, Homart Group would take the lead and donate $200,000 and to support the environmental activities of the Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Homart Group was established in Sydney Australia in 1992. In the last 25 years, Homart has set up several GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing factories in Australia, producing quality health supplements, skin care products and dairy products in Australia. Its products such as Spring Leaf and Cheri are sold and popular all over Australia and in many other countries, achieving 16 international awards. In addition to innovation in health and well-being industry, Homart Group is also proactive in social responsibility, supports and participates various public charity activities, and believes the greatest value of enterprises is by giving back to the society.

For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!


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