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Homart Group Sponsors Season Four of ‘The Voice of China’ in Australia

Homart Group sponsors the fourth season of ‘The Voice of China’ in Australia. Homart wishes to support more and more young people and help them accomplish their dreams in music. The Voice of China is a very popular TV show in China, and has been aired since 2012. The show has featured a wide variety of talented singers in the past three seasons, and this year they invite four more well-renowned singers as the judges. These judges are Jay Chou, Harlem Yu Chengqing, Wang Feng and Na Ying.

The selection regions in Australia include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Winners are selected at each selection event and the final 15 best performers will participate in the final night at the end of April which will be held in the Sydney Town Hall Centre. The top one or two participants will be recommended back to China to participate in the fourth season of ‘The Voice of China.’ They also have a chance to be guided personally by the judges, including Jay Chou, etc.

Homart Group, the sponsor of the fourth season of The Voice of China in Australia, aims to bring people towards a healthy, balanced and happy life. For over 23 years, Homart has always cared for people’s health, producing top quality Australian health supplements and skin care products, and has been enthusiastic about organising and participating in all activities for the benefits of health and well-being.

SPRING LEAF, TOP LIFE and HEALTH&NATURE, three famous brands from Homart have reached every corner of the world since Homart was established in 1992. Homart was the exclusive Australian Health Foods Exhibitor at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Homart has won total 15 Australia international awards in the past 5 years. Homart has constantly been the champion in the manufacturing industry. Homart Group’s products have become very popular Australian health products among customers. For Australian Health Supplements, Homart is your first choice!

Homart Group’s phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.

Photo: Homart Group Sponsors Season Four of The Voice of China in Australia



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