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Homart Group support of Sydney University’s ACCLAIM Medical Laboratory

Homart Group Australia has long collaborated and supported Australian national institutions and Universities in the field of health sciences. In particular, we have worked very closely with a lot of Ph.D. candidates. Recently, Homart was proud to be the conduit between the University of Sydney and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in setting up a database of Chinese and Western medicine in the hope of benefiting the wider population.

The University of Sydney and the Chinese University of Hong Kong will work together to form a “Laboratory collating Eastern and Western Medicine database”-ACCLAIM. This database will combine the strengths of East and West medicine in its treatment of patients. The joint laboratory researchers all come from different fields, they include Western and Chinese medical practitioners and scientists, computer scientists, information technology experts, immunologists and health science specialists. The first project for the laboratory is focused on “strokes”. The aim is to not only find matching and complimentary treatments of Chinese and Western medicines, but to also provide a combination treatment programs to improve the quality of life of patients.

The establishment of the joint laboratory has been strongly supported by the greater Sydney community, including Dr. HE-SHEN Hui Xia, Vice President of the House of Representatives of the State Council of New South Wales, Dr. ZHOU Guangming, Ph.D., Ms. YE Beiling, CEO of Homart Pharmaceutical Group and Dr. LIN Huiyuan. Homart is very committed to academic research and product development. Previously we signed a long-term academic research cooperation with The National Institute of Complementary Medicine research department, of Western Sydney University. This research cooperation looked into a series of in depth academic functional research of Australia’s unique natural health care raw materials, such as Australia’s propolis etc. The results of these research will directly benefit the market and its consumers , providing them with even higher quality Australian health care products.

Homart sponsors $ 50,000 a year towards Australian Ph.D. students, into national academic research efforts. This is in spirit of Homart’s commitment to academic excellence and research efforts. Homart Group’s high-quality brands such as Top Life, Spring Leaf, Health & Nature, Cheri, Grandpawpaw and Autili are all 100% Australian produced to high specifications. All of our health food, skin care and dairy products are also 100% Australian produced to the highest standards.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, Homart Pharmaceuticals was the only health product supplier in the Australian Pavilion. Homart has also been awarded 16 International Awards for six consecutive years. We are also the designated health food brand for the Australian Olympic Games and the Australian Miss Universe Pageant. Homart is one of Australia’s most trusted, reliable and preferred health food brand.

For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!


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