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Homart Group Supports the Athletics 2015 NSW Annual Marathon Competition

Committed to contributing towards a healthy lifestyle, the Homart Group has always enthusiastically supported the Athletics NSW Annual Marathon. This year Homart Group was again invited to support the event which was held in Upjohn National Park, part of the Homart headquarters complex. This time Homart representative Mr Daniel and 2012 London Olympic Marathon athletic Mr Jeff HUNT were the honoured guests to present the awards to the winners.

As one of the grand events of Athletics New South Wales, this event aims to encourage citizens to participate in and enjoy outdoor activities. The competition has male and female groups, and welcomes all participants ranging from 12 to 65 years old. Many athletes who took part in the event eventually became winners of state championships. There are different start times for competitors to suit the different needs for different people with different physical conditions, so all the participants are able to finish around the same time. As a result, this was an outdoor event suitable for all family members to take part in.

Hundreds of professional athletes join this event every year. Amongst the participants, there have been many famous runners from the former national team, such as Dave POWER, who won the Bronze medal for the 10 km event in the 1960 Rome Olympic Games, runner up in the 1962 Perth Sports Games, John FARRIGNTON, the winner of the 1972 Czech Marathon competition, as well as Jeff HUNT, the long-distance runner who represented Australia in the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London.

Committed to contributing towards healthy lifestyles for Australians, the Homart Group has always adhered to its spirit of providing high quality Australian made supplements. We fully support Australian participation in sports and we have also been sponsoring the Australia Distance Academy. Homart always aspires to make an effort with Australian sport events, helping to cultivate home grown talents in the Australian sports field, hoping that these talents will one day go on to represent Australia and bring honour to the country. The Homart Group will continuously sponsor and support the Athletics NSW cross country series as well as other sports, endeavouring to promote the holistic health and wellbeing of Australian people.

The Homart Group is the proud winner of 15 Australian and international awards and recognitions within the past 5 years. For Australian Health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Group Phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au      www.homartdairy.com.au

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