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Homart Invited to Attend Pink Elite Opening Ceremony

Homart was invited to attend Pink Elite opening ceremony. Gail Giles-Gidney, Mayor of City of Willoughby, Lynn Yeh, CEO of Homart Group, Dr Susan Lee from Charles Sturt University Study Centre, attended this event and made speeches on the topic of “how women leadership makes a difference and the impact on others”. Nearly 80 entrepreneurs and successful women from all walks of life in Sydney participated in this event. As the diamond sponsor, Homart supports Pink Elite and encourages women improvement.

Pink Elite is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious and multicultural leadership group for business women. The mission of Pink Elite is to educate, support and motivate women to be inspired to achieve great things, face challenges with strength and wisdom and make a difference to the lives of others.

Lynn Yeh, the founder and CEO of Homart Group, shared her experience from three aspects, which are family, career and charity. As a successful businesswoman, Lynn has met with the president of China Xi JinPing, Premier Li Keqiang and Taiwan’s former President Ma Yingjiu, and she has received many awards such as the 2016 NSW Women in International Business Award and 2014 Parramatta Woman of the Year. In 2017, the Australian Multicultural Department chose 5 outstanding migrants to record videos of their stories to put on the government website, and Lynn was one of them. The Australian Government has appraised Lynn as a proud and valuable migrant of Australia.

Homart Group has been passionate about charity since it was established in 1992 and has always reached out to the people in need as well as set an example for other entrepreneurs to follow by e.g. sponsoring Australian Royal Flying Doctor (RFDS), St John Ambulance Australia, Food Bank, Vision Australia, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef (CGBR) Foundation, school construction for poverty-stricken students in China, donating for Queensland floods, Sichuan earthquake, Yunan earthquake, Taiwan Kaohsiung gas explosions, Beijing floods. Homart Group believes in creating a caring society and always supports charity activities. Homart is one of Australia’s most trusted, reliable and preferred health food brand.



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