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Homart Pharmaceuticals donates towards the Poverty Alleviation Project in Hunan Xiangxi, China

The donation ceremony of “The Poverty Alleviation Project in Hunan Xiangxi China,” conducted by Homart Pharmaceuticals, was grandly held on October 24th, 2013. This great event was attended by many distinguished and important guests such as LI Hua Xin, who is the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney, city councillors and many Australian mainstream media representatives.

The guests that presented at this ceremony included LI Hua Xin, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney, Helen HO, the Vice-president of the NSW Parliament Asia-Pacific Friendship Group, Mr John HUGH, councillor of Parramatta City Council, Mr Frank CHOU, a well known Chinese Community Leader, Mr James LIU, President of Chinese Beneficence Federation of Australia Incorporated, Professor ZHONG from UNSW and Miss ZHENG, the Project leader of the Poverty Alleviation project in Hunan Xiangxi China. Apart from these distinguished guests, many Australian major media journalists and representatives all gathered at the ceremony to report on this grand event including SBS, TVBA, ABC News, Chinese Newspaper Group, SING TAO Daily, Australian New Express Daily, Australian Chinese Daily, OBQ Weekly, Chinanews.com.cn, people.com.cn, People’s Daily, Guang Ming Pictorial, and others. The atmosphere created at the event was warm and touching. The donation event was witnessed by LI Hua Xin, Frank CHOU and Managing Director of Homart Ms Lynn YEH, who donated the cheque, and James LIU who received the cheque. As well as this donation ceremony, project leader Miss ZHENG also played a video and gave a presentation detailing her project on the Poverty Alleviation project in Hunan Xiangxi China. This project was founded after seeing children in the countryside taking risks and going through dangerous conditions, such as being bitten by snakes, going through these conditions just to have a chance to attend school, which was then held in the dark due to lack of electricity. During this presentation, Miss Lynn YEH’s eyes were blurred with tears, and Miss ZHENG specially emphasised that the charitable $15,000 donation would indeed be of great help towards these children in the countryside.

After the grand ceremony, Managing Director Miss Lynn YEH, Operations Director Mr Jeffrey and General Manager Mr Ken GREEN warmly received the guests and showed the 50 VIP guests around the showroom, conference areas, cGMP manufactory area, activity centre, air-conditioned warehouse and dining room, as well as Homart Museum, the hundred year old historical site located in the beautiful natural reserve. The strict quality control and natural factory environment made a deep impression on our valuable visitors. Besides the beautiful environment and facilities, the guests were also very impressed by such a high quality cGMP pharmaceutical factory established under the most strict Australian standards and the pure natural environment. The guests also highly praised how Homart Pharmaceuticals has become a model for Australian Business under such intense competition in the health food and skin care product industry in Australia. After the tour, the distinguished guests were invited to attend a special cocktail party prepared by Homart at the Function room, providing an opportunity for the guests to share their experiences with poverty alleviation while enjoying the delicious food and refreshments.

As an Australian owned company with a strong sense of social responsibility, Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1992. For the past 21 years it has specialised in producing health products and cosmetics at the highest quality. Homart’s products sell well all over the world and the company has won 13 Australian and International Awards in the past 3 years. Last week, it was the winner of another award the “Premium’s NSW Export Awards 2013.” Homart’s business was well deserving of the honours that the award brought. While the company grows at a fast pace, Homart adheres to its business concept: ‘Be responsible and return to society.’ Over the years, Homart Pharmaceuticals has supported many charity events, such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), St. Johns Australian Ambulance Team the Australian Christian Community Service Centre (CLLSC), ABC Charity Train for Contract, donated to the Sichuan Earthquake, Taiwan Floods, Queensland Floods and has provided scholarships to poverty-stricken students in Wuhan, China. Homart is going to continue to organise and hold a wide range of charity events in the future to encourage more people to engage in these charity events, leading by example. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.

Photo information: Homart Pharmaceuticals’ cheque donation to “The Poverty Alleviation Project in Hunan Xiangxi China”. Amount: AUD$15,000. LI Hua Xin (Consul General of the people’s Republic of China in Sydney) sixth from the front right, with Miss Lynn YEH (Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals)- fourth from the front right, and Frank CHOU (Well-known Chinese Community leader)- fifth from the front right.

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