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          Homart is a market leader in Australian made health supplements, skincare and dairy products across our brand portfolio ranging from everyday lifestyle to premium luxury.
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Homart Pharmaceuticals New Eucalyptus Honey Comb Released to the Market

Established since 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has won many outstanding awards in the past 23 years. Homart has grown steadily and rapidly, launching many new popular products. Recently, Homart Spring Leaf launched their new Eucalyptus Honey Comb, which is very popular in the market.

Spring Leaf Eucalyptus Honey Comb is 100% Australia Made, and our eucalyptus honey comb is produced in Australia by bees from our eucalyptus forests.  It is a natural and unprocessed source of raw honey loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, which protects the body from infections and boosts the immune system. The anti-bacterial properties of raw honey balance out our stomach acidity levels and promotes a healthy digestive system.

Raw honey is a simple form of sugar which can be directly absorbed by our body without any irritation and is often used as an energy booster. It is the most nutritionally complete form of honey free from secondary contamination and is rich and thick in natural flavours.

Homart specialises in manufacturing and distributing high quality Australian made products. Spring Leaf, Top Life and Health&Nature, the three top quality famous brands from Homart, have reached every corner of the world. Spring Leaf Eucalyptus Honey Comb is grown and harvested in Australia from premium eucalyptus forests, packed fresh under best quality standards, and shipped freshly and quickly.

Homart has achieved sustainable growth in the past 23 years, and has always focused on the production, export and wholesale of high quality Australian products, which are not only popular in Australia, but also widely exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea. These 100% Australian made products are widely recognized throughout the market as the symbol of high quality, purity, natural and healthy products. Homart was proud to be the only health food supplier in the 2010 Shanghai Expo and has proudly won 15 Australia International awards within the last 5 years. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Pharmaceuticals phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo: Homart Pharmaceuticals New Eucalyptus Honey Comb is Released to the Market


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