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Homart Pharmaceuticals shines at the 2013 Kunshan imported products show in China

Homart Pharmaceuticals was invited by Austrade to Kunshan in China to participate in the 2013 Kunshan Imported Products show.

The Kunshan Imported Products Show was aimed at opening the overseas market. The Leader of China said China will import around $US100 billion worth of products. The Secretary General of the United Nation Supa CAI attended this meeting with overseas honoured guests, and sent his congratulations to the Kunshan show. He said “In the past 10 years China has taken an active part in the WTO, and has achieved significant results. The continuous development of China makes great contributions to world trade and economies.” He believes that China’s economic structural adjustment will bring huge acceleration to the world’s economic structure.

The Kunshan show was the first Chinese show specifically designed to explore and boost the overseas market, with the exhibition area spanning over 50000 square metres. Companies from 46 countries and regions including America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, England, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and the Czech Republic participated in the show; and there were over 677 entrepreneurs and 2080 exhibition booths during the show. Homart Pharmaceuticals was invited to the show as well. More than 50000 people visited the event in three days, and there were about 80000 visitors in total.

During the show, the president of the world trade union Mr Rona YIRCALI; State General of Belgium Mr REYNDERS; England Essex County Vice Councillor Kevin BENTLEY, government officials from over ten countries; 23 Shanghai Consulate-General officers from 15 countries, including America, Germany, Korea Belgium and the Czech Republic attended the event.

Homart Pharmaceuticals was the exclusive health food company in the Australian Pavilion. Homart was honoured to show case Australian high quality health supplement products and skin care products and introduce Homart’s Top Life series to purchase representatives all around China. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice.

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo information:
Homart shines at the 2013 Kunshan imported products show in China.

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