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Homart Pharmaceuticals Supports the CCSSC in Hosting a Parent Child Relationship Film Appreciation Night

Homart Pharmaceuticals is a long-term supporter of various charity and community activities. A few days ago there was a parent child relationship film appreciation night hosted at the Function Room at Homart Pharmaceuticals, organized by the Chinese Community Social Service Centre (CCSSC) and sponsored by Homart Pharmaceuticals, the Media Evangelism Association, the Chinese Lutheran Church Sydney, and  Mortdale Christ Evangelical Centre of Australia, Mortdale. It was a full-house with around 100 people attending this meaningful night where they exchanged greetings and took photographs together.

Paul and Vivian Wang are Chinese from Hong Kong. The Documentary, “Give My Son More Time”, was made by the media to recapitulate how in early 2012 without warning Paul and Vivian nearly lost their 5-year-old son Caleb to cerebral haemorrhage, and how through struggle, grief and laughter Caleb was saved. It all started one morning when Paul and Vivian left home in a hurry for an important meeting without even giving Caleb an embrace, little did they know that their son, who appeared well, was sent to the hospital hours later, the situation needing an emergency craniotomy. Caleb’s surgeon told his parents he might never wake up. In grief Paul and Vivian had to give the consent and send Caleb into the operation room. Their relatives and friends all gathered outside the operation room to bid farewell. They lived through one miracle after another after the operation. This Documentary teaches us to be patient and to cherish people around us, and cherish what we have and to count our blessings. Guests were all deeply moved by this Documentary and exchanged their testimonies with Paul and Vivian.

The CCCSC (Chinese Christian Community Service Centre) located at Epping is established to provide services and help Asian people in Sydney. Its goal is to use Christian’s love to help people in need, especially people who have migrated recently. Homart has been supporting the CCCSC for years and holds various activities and charitable free classes including: English class, Mandarin class, Computer science, mission class, youth and parents class, and free speech for migration and overseas study etc. Moreover, the CCCSC regularly holds the Moon Festival reunion, parent-child relationship speeches and other activities. Feel free to contact the CCCSC for any classes and activities that you are interested in. CCCSC contact number: (02) 98765546, email address: admin@cccsc.org.au, address: 41 Essex Epping NSW 2121, website: http://cccsc.org.au.

Homart shares the same values as the CCCSC, which includes helping people and changing lives. For years Homart has been supporting all kinds of charity activities and has been encouraging staff to participate. Established in 1992, Homart has produced high quality Australian health food and skin care products as well as followed through with its business culture concept, ‘Be responsible and return to society.’ Homart particularly concerns itself with the health of the community and the people. Over the years, Homart Pharmaceuticals has supported many charity events such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), the Chinese Christian Community Service Centre (CCCSC), and the Chinese Community Social Services Centre, as well as providing scholarships to poverty-stricken students in Hunan and Wuhan, China. Homart will continue to contribute to charity in the future, endeavouring to help people in need and return to society through good will.

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.

Photo: Homart Pharmaceuticals Supports the CCSSC in Hosting a Parent Child Relationship Film appreciation night


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