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Inspiring woman in Australian business – Lynn Yeh

Honesty and reliability are integral to the corporate culture of a successful business. Homart Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Lynn Yeh shares her insights with Asia Pacific Invest.
Based on this business philosophy, Lynn’s company has made impressive achievements in the health food industry.

Lynn is a respectable business woman in Australia, a leader to be emulated, inspiring respect in others, in her family life, church and business life.
A second-generation migrant from Taiwan, Lynn started her own business – Homart with all her savings of A$20,000 when she was just 24 years old.
While working on her thesis for her master’s degree at the University of Sydney, she worked as a delivery girl for shops in Chinatown in Sydney and travelled door-to-door to serve customers.
Since then, she began to climb her way up to now being the Managing Director of Homart. The road to success can be attributed to a lot of hard work and dedication and to face many challenges along the journey.
“It’s not easy to get into mainstream Australian business, I see the enormous potential of Chinese buyers, so I’ve decided to sell quality Australian made products to Chinese and Asian markets,” Lynn said.
Established in Australia in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals specialises in manufacturing and marketing high quality Australian health supplements.
“It was difficult to start off a new business at that time, I had to do everything all by myself … but I love my work and enjoy it. I think if you work hard, Australia has many opportunities out there.”
Homart health products and Lynn’s company have been recognised many times by numerous Australian and international business awards and Homart’s products have been chosen to be the only Australian health food showcased in the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Lynn is thankful for her supportive family and her dedicated team, particularly her brother Jeffrey Yeh who is the Operations Manager of the company. She appreciates her brother’s contribution as their roles complement each other.
The health supplements Homart offers ranges from fish oil capsules and vitamins, to unique products such as colostrum tablets, marine collagen capsules, eucalyptus propolis toothpaste, and emu oil products. The cosmetic products for moisturising and rejuvenating are based on lanolin, placenta, nano-tech ingredient, and herbal extracts.
“We differ from our competitors by providing “speed with quality” products and customer services. Our fast turnaround time is evident from the initial product enquiry, right through to manufacturing and delivery,” Lynn said.\

Lynn believes the care of customers is a priority, and thus ensures the products that are dispatched are manufactured under rules and health regulation required by Australian GMP.
“The quality control process is entirely done by our in-house dedicated quality assurance (QA) team that aims to assure the products are not only carrying the highest quality possible, but also are manufactured for the benefit and health of customers’ well-being,” Lynn said.

Lynn believes to maintain a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle is important. “I work on weekdays only and spend the weekend with my family and children. I and my staff try not to work too much overtime as I believe effective work-life balance in the long term will make us happier and more productive,” she said. Lynn is dedicated to charity mission by supporting domestic and overseas charitable activities for many years as a way of giving back to the community.
In order to take care of people who live and work in remote Australian areas, Homart has been sponsoring the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) for numerous years. Homart is also a long-term sponsor of local athlete teams and Australian Olympic athletes.

Lynn is concerned about students who live in remote areas in China. She established Homart scholarships to assist these students in their studies and in their development. She also supports the “Charity Train TienLai Action” and donated thousands of hearing aids to deaf children in China. “To give to those truly in need is more fortunate than to take,” Lynn said..

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au.
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Inspiring woman in Australian business – Lynn Yeh

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