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Jay Chou “THE INVINCIBLE” World Tour Partnered With Homart Strikes Australia

Jay Chou’s “THE INVINCIBLE” World Tour Australia Concert, partnered with Homart Group’s brand SpringLeaf and AUTILI was held on 7th April 2018 at the Sydney Olympic Park Qudos Bank Arena.  

A grand press conference was held on 6 Apr. The last time Jay Chou came to Sydney to sing was four years ago. Many people were looking forward to his performance, Homart especially arranged the site to welcome the arrival of Jay Chou. Homart’s SpringLeaf products were in view full of the venue, and SpringLeaf advertisements were continuously displayed on the big screen. “THE INVINCIBLE products collection”- SpringLeaf Super 6-in-1 inter beauty collagen and SpringLeaf Premium Kangaroo Essence, are your best choice.

A few hours before the concert began, massive crowds of fans were already waiting in front of Qudos Bank Arena. The atmosphere was very exciting. Fans filled the venue of nearly 20,000 seats, and Jay Chou’s concert was definitely the hottest topic on social platforms. Homart, as a strategic partner, set up the Homart interactive area in the exclusive prime location in front of the hall of the venue. The participants came in long queues and took pictures with Jay Chou’s poster and Homart inner beauty collagen, as well as being given Cheri Sheep Placenta Essence gifts prepared by Homart.

Jay Chou brought a lot of beautiful memories through his famous songs ranging from Adorable Lady, Starry Mood, Nunchucks to Love Confession, Lover from Previous Life, and more. Tens of thousands of fans cried, danced and sang with the music. Jay Chou’s songs accompanied his fans through their youthful years, stimulating their endless memories. Just like Jay Chou produced the best music, Homart, the strategic partner of Jay Chou’s “THE INVINCIBLE” World Tour Australia Concert, use natural raw materials, in accordance with the strict Australian manufacturing, quality management and certification standards. Homart has also been awarded 16 International Awards for six consecutive years.

Established in Australia in 1992, Homart specialises in manufacturing and marketing high quality Australian health supplements. Homart Group’s high-quality brands such as Top Life, Spring Leaf, Health N Nature, Cheri, Grandpawpaw and Autili are all 100% Australian produced to high specifications. Homart Group has sponsored a number of top pop stars’ concerts and top Chinese entertainment programs, such as A-mei Zhang’s World Tour, Zhang Jie’s World Tour, Show Luo’s concert and of course Jay Chou ’s concert this time.


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