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Kevin Rudd celebrates Chinese New Year with Homart Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Rudd (Hon. Kevin Rudd MP), the former Australian Prime Minister, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, and incumbent member of Congress, invited his Australian-Chinese friends to a dinner on February 2013 in Sydney to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Ms. Lynn YEH, the Managing Director of Homart Pharmaceuticals, and Jeffrey, the General Manager of Homart were invited to share in the joy and hearty dinner together with Mr. Rudd. The honoured guests included: Mr. Chris Bowen, the Minister of Higher Education and former Australian immigration minister, Mr. Martin Ferguson, the Australian Resources and Tourism Minister and a number of councillors from New South Wales’ provinces and cities.

Mr. Rudd is not only the former Australian Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Labour leader, but he is also a well-known television presenter, and the first Western Prime Minister who can speak and write Chinese fluently, therefore he is the favourite Australian Prime Minister of Chinese community. During the dinner, Mr. Rudd gave an extremely fluent and witty speech in Mandarin, and he also asked to be called “Lao Lu”, which amused all participants. Mr. Rudd stated that he understands that the Chinese New Year is as important as the Western Christmas Day, and the multi-field celebration held in Australia shows the great importance of the Chinese New Year in Australia, as well as the identity of the Chinese culture, which also highlights the profound friendship between China and Australia. Subsequently, Mr. Rudd made a toast, greeted all guests and asked all to support him in the Australian Labour Party Federal Election later this year. In addition to the delicious food, there were wonderful performances for all guests to enjoy such as folk dances of Chinese school students in Australia, Mandarin Reading etc.

Acquaintance with Mr. Rudd, Jeffrey, the General Manager of Homart Pharmaceuticals, had dinner together with him again this time, in a more cordial setting. Mr. Rudd, the former Prime Minister, was supposed to attend the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Homart Pharmaceuticals, but it happened to coincide with the meeting of the Congress Parliament in Canberra so was unable to attend. Jeffrey specifically described the Homart Pharmaceuticals’ new factory and the grand ceremony of the 20th anniversary to Mr. Rudd, and thanked his support and encouragement on behalf of Homart.

Since establishment in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has specialised in Australian wholesale, global export and contract manufacturing of premium quality Australian health supplements and skin care products with integrity, under the company concept of being reliable and sustainable management. Homart has won a number of Australian and International awards over the past years, and has been blessed from premier leading level of several countries, such as Mr. Hawke (Bob Hawke), the 23rd Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Rudd (Kevin Rudd), the 26th Australian Prime Minister, and Mr. Ma (Ying-jeou Ma), the president of Taiwan. The top quality assurance of Homart products wins all customers ‘trust. TOP LIFE, SPRING LEAF and HEALTH&NATURE, three famous brands from Homart have reached every corner of the world. Homart is always focused on production, export and wholesale high quality Australian health food and skincare products which are not only popular in Australia, but also widely exported to the Asia-Pacific region, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea, and areas like Europe, America and Middle East. Homart sincerely appreciates the continuous support from our valuable customers and will keep supplying Australian-made top quality health supplements for our customers. Homart, the healthy choice for Australia! Homart Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd 02 9648 2880 Website: www.homart.com.au
Photo Information:
Mr. Rudd (middle) celebrates Chinese New Year with Homart Pharmaceuticals together with Ms Lynn YEH (first from left), the Managing Director, and Jeffrey (first from right), the General Manager.

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