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Kids Pawpaw Toothpaste 50g


  • With Papaya Extract and Calcium Carbonate
  • Added fruity Honeydew flavour makes kids love brushing their little teeth
  • Supports kid’s dental health and maintains oral hygiene
  • Fluoride free and paraben free
  • No added colours / sugar / gluten

Suitable User
Children age 6 months and above

Main Ingredient
Calcium Carbonate, Papaya Extract, Xylitol

Directions for use:
Brush thoroughly at least twice a day or as directed by your dental professional. Apply a thin Smear (6 months+)/ a Pea-Sized blob (12 months+)/ Regular amount (3 years+) of toothpaste on the brush and brush with a gentle circular motion for at least 2 minutes while massaging the gum; rinse with a small amount of water.

Store in a cool and dry condition.

Fluoride-Free Kids Toothpaste For Healthy Gums

Grandpawpaw Kids Pawpaw Toothpaste contains unique ingredients to clean and protect children’s young teeth and gums. It also fights tooth decay and maintains oral hygiene. Specially formulated with a tasty and refreshing honeydew flavour, it is fluoride-free and kids will love brushing their little teeth, keeping them fresh and clean.

✓ Fluoride free
✓ Paraben free
✓ Maintains oral hygiene
✓ No added colours / sugar / gluten
✓ Fruity honeydew flavour
✓ Supports healthy gums

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