Disposable Medical Masks


  • Three layers of protection;
  • (BFE) test result ⩾ 98.5%;
  • Breathable / Filters bacteria / Dust proof;
  • Trustworthy & reliable;
  • Certified by CE/FDA.

Homart Disposable Medical Masks provide effective protection against general pathogens and pollutants in the air by covering the nose and mouth for full coverage.

1. Do not touch the inside of the mask with your hands.
2. Hold the mask with blue layer outside and nose strip on the top.
3. Secure ear loops behind ears, pull the mask down to cover nose, mouth and chin.
4. Adjust the nose strip to fit the bridge of the nose.

To Help You Breathe Easier By Keeping You Safe

Homart Disposable Medical Mask is for single use in medical and public places. It is to be placed over the nose, mouth and chin to filter the bacteria (BFE) test result ⩾ 98.5%.

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