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Thailand MBA Scholars visit Homart Pharmaceuticals

Recently, Homart Pharmaceuticals warmly welcomed distinguished MBA scholars coming all the way from the famous Ramkhamhaeng University to visit and study. Founded in 1971, Ramkhamhaeng University is an open university in Thailand named after the king Ramkhamhaeng. Ramkhamhaeng University is renowned for its subjects such as business administration and law. After research, arrangement and recommendations from many parties, Ramkhamhaeng University’s trip to Australia chose the famous international company in Australia Homart Pharmaceuticals, which will be the place for MBA scholars to visit and study. They will also learn the business models and corporate trustiness culture from Homart’s global fast development experience.

At 9:30 am, 53 teachers and students led by President Dr. Montri KAWINATTHAYANON took two excursion buses slowly into Homart Pharmaceuticals’ factory. The trip was carefully designed by Homart for these Thailand MBA scholars coming from far away. First, they were led by professional Homart guides to visit the showroom displaying health care and skin care products in the new factory. They learned about the various high quality products that Homart presented at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and visited the display centre that houses all the Australia and International awards/certifications won by Homart. Then, in the giant semi-hemisphere conference room which hosts up to 120 people, Mr Daniel, Homart’s Export Department senior manager, presented the company’s reports, watched the commemorative film of Homart 20 years’ anniversary, and discussed business models of both parities. During the seminar, Thailand MBA scholars expressed high admiration for the corporate mission, which is to bring a healthy, balanced and happy life to the general public. For over 20 years, Homart has always cared for people’s health, producing Australian top quality health supplements and skin care products, and has been enthusiastic about organising and participating in all activities for the benefit of health and well-being for society. All these activities impressed the Thailand MBA scholars.

Later on, all guests were invited to the cGMP germ-free manufactory area, where they learned about the manufactory process, strict testing and quality control, and Homart’s logistic and inventory management. They also visited the big air-conditioned logistics building and Homart museum, the one hundred year old historical site located in the beautiful natural reserve, and the nearby Upjohn National Preservation Park. The manufactory, high-quality management, and the natural and clean factory left a deep impression on our distinguished visitors from Thailand Ramkhamhaeng University.

After visiting the garden-like Homart factory, MBA scholars actively raised questions which were answered by senior supervisors from all departments. They admired the strict management of the TGA department of the Australian government about manufacturing environments and the quality control of products, as well as the cooperation between all departments and sales teams, as well as Homart’s culture and corporate philosophy of caring for society. They hope that they can bring such a corporate philosophy back to Thailand and implement it in the companies there.

Before leaving, President Dr. Montri KAWINATTHAYANON presented a Thailand souvenir china plate to Homart, as a token of appreciation for Homart’s warm hospitality. All guests took photos in front of Homart’s gate, leaving a beautiful memory for this visiting trip. Everyone ended this Australian business trip with abundant results.

Since establishment in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals has been constant in their culture of faith, reliability and sustainability by providing premium quality health food products. It is well known for its 3 trademark brands, Spring Leaf, Top Life and Health & Nature in Australia. Homart also has the sense to return back to the community, making Homart the top choice for Australian health food – Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au
Photo information:
53 Thailand MBA Scholars visited Homart Pharmaceuticals.

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