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          Homart is a market leader in Australian made health supplements, skincare and dairy products across our brand portfolio ranging from everyday lifestyle to premium luxury.
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VIP customers visited Homart on a special activity

Recently, Homart invited its VIP customers to visit Homart Group Headquarters. On the day, the Homart function room was beautifully decorated with Homart star products Spring Leaf Inner Beauty Collagen Plus and Cheri HA-Placenta Essence Face Mask. The sweet scent of fresh flowers filled the air.

First, the marketing director Javier Gonzalez introduced the company. Established in Australia in 1992, Homart specialises in manufacturing and marketing high quality health foods, skin care and dairy products, which are 100% Australian produced to the highest industry specifications. Then, on the factory tour, visitors were very excited to see that as a 25-year-old business, Homart not only has a dazzling array of product lines, but has also won 16 Australian and International awards for six consecutive years.  After that, Homart CEO Lynn Yeh explained the Homart philosophy; to always use natural materials, essence extraction and unique formulas to provide customers with best products and to always draw on the experience of its long history. After enjoying Homart’s well-prepared lunch, Homart’s senior dietitian, Shelley, gave a science lecture to all the customers. She said that in order to have a healthy skin on the outside, it is important to keep healthy on the inside. In addition to this, Homart invited the makeup artist Maggie, who used to do makeup for major Australian fashion weeks, to show VIP customers how to make an elegant look. Finally, people were actively involved in the WeChat ‘Likes’ Collection activity organised by Homart. The attendance who collected most ‘likes’ from wechat friends also got exquisite gifts from Homart.

The VIP customers said that this trip to Homart left a deep impression on them, and they were all moved by Homart’s professional attitude, enthusiasm for customers and high-quality products.

Homart’s popular brands include Top Life Royal, Spring Leaf Premium, Health & Nature, Cheri, Grandpawpaw and Autili.  All of Homart’s foods, skin care and dairy products are 100% Australian produced to the highest industry specifications. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, Homart Pharmaceuticals was the only health product supplier in the Australian Pavilion. We are the designated health food brand for the Australian Olympic Games and the Australian Miss Universe Pageant. Homart is one of Australia’s most trusted, reliable and preferred health food brand.



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