Vitamin D for Seniors

Unfortunately, our human body loses calcium gradually every day. However, calcium plays an important role in stronger and denser bones. In order to strengthen teeth and bones and prevent osteoporosis,we need calcium supplement. Without adequate supply of calcium, conditions with calcium deficiency can occur, such as softening of the bones (osteomalacia) in adults, and Rickets in growing children. The calcium loss is more serious in women when they reach menopause. The oestrogen production decreased, resulting in an increased secretion of parathyroid, a hormone that enhances the release of calcium contained in the bones. Later on it leads to osteoporosis. It may affect the function of nerve and muscle result in muscle twitching, and cause numbness and tingling sensations.

It is therefore crucial to have adequate calcium intake. Liquid calcium is made for easier absorption by the human body, together with the added Vitamin D3. It promotes maximum absorption of calcium in the small intestine, and used by the body to strengthen bones. It is the best choice of calcium supplement.

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Spring Leaf Premium – Liquid Calcium Plus Vitamin D3
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