Australian Marathon Athletes Officially Endorsed Homart Group

Homart Group proudly sponsors the Australia Distance Running Academy. The Academy’s main athlete, Mr. Jeffrey HUNT, is widely known as the No 1 athlete of the Australian Marathon National team, and has been the national champion in long distance running for several events from 2007 onwards. Some of Mr. Jeffrey HUNT’s impressive achievements include being […]

Homart Group Launches New Product – Super Lung – PM2.5 Defense

  Established since 1992, the Homart Group has won over 15 International and Australian awards in the past 23 years. With the recent advancement in research & development, the Homart Group has launched our latest TGA registered product – Spring Leaf Super Lung-PM 2.5 Defense. This product provides unique herbal remedies that help to promote […]

Homart Group Supports the Athletics 2015 NSW Annual Marathon Competition

Committed to contributing towards a healthy lifestyle, the Homart Group has always enthusiastically supported the Athletics NSW Annual Marathon. This year Homart Group was again invited to support the event which was held in Upjohn National Park, part of the Homart headquarters complex. This time Homart representative Mr Daniel and 2012 London Olympic Marathon athletic […]