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Austrade Officers’ Visit to Homart Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Tim Beresford, the Executive Director of Austrade, together with Mr. Camil M. Gereis, Representative of Australian Trade commission and Trading of NSW, made their visit to Homart Pharmaceuticals’ Rydalmere head office on the 4th of February 2013. With the accompaniment of Lynn YEH, CEO of Homart and Jeffery, general manager of Homart, Austrade officers visited the showroom, conference areas, cGMP manufactory area, activity centre, dinning room and Homart museum, the hundred year old historical site located in the beautiful natural reserve. Our strict quality control and natural factory environment made a deep impression on our valuable visitors.

During this high-level meeting, Homart Pharmaceuticals was highly praised for our successful achievements, excellent performance, high reputation in this industry and top quality products. Homart Pharmaceuticals was the exclusive health supplement retail manufacturer in EXPO 2010 Shanghai China. Homart also achieved an overwhelming 850% growth in sales within the past 4 years and an amazingly high market share of 80% of the health food export market in Macau. Also, Austrade promised to better assist Homart Pharmaceuticals in global market expansion.

Austrade is the Australian Government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency. Through a network of offices in over 50 countries, Austrade assists Australian companies to grow their international business, attracts productive foreign direct investment into Australia and promotes Australia’s education sector internationally. Austrade helps Australian companies to grow their business in international markets, including through administration of the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme and the TradeStart program. It also provides coordinated government assistance to attract and facilitate productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Australia. Working closely with Austrade for over 20 years, Homart Pharmaceuticals has attended plenty of international exhibitions regularly to promote Australian made top quality health supplements and skin care products. At the same time, Austrade continuously introduces Homart Pharmaceuticals to all potential overseas buyers, which makes a substantial contribution to the Australian economy and Australian exports.

Austrade admire the fact that Homart Pharmaceutical has made a steady growth each year and extended its market all over the world to become a consecutive winner of multiple international awards since establishment in 1992. Austrade officers also admire the establishment of such a high quality cGMP pharmaceutical factory under the most strict Australian standards and pure natural environment. TOP LIFE, SPRING LEAF and HEALTH&NATURE, three famous brands from Homart have reached every corner of the world. Homart sincerely appreciates continuous support from our valuable customers and will keep supplying Australian-made top quality health supplements for our customers. Homart, the healthy choice for Australia! Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au
Photo information:
Austrade Executive Director Mr. Tim Beresford (second from left).and Representative of Australian Trade commission and Trading of NSW Mr. Camil M. Gereis (forth from left) visit Homart. The first from left is Homart CEO Ms. Lynn YEH, third from left is Homart general manager Mr. Jeffrey.

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