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Celebrity Ada CHOI Siu Fun Endorses Homart Pharmaceuticals Sales Agency in Hong Kong

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ products are well-known and sold all over the world. Homart’s sales agency in Hong Kong lately invited celebrities Ada CHOI Siu Fun and her husband Max ZHANG Jin to represent and endorse its Australian brands products. Their advertisements were shown on TV and all over the streets in Hong Kong.

Homart’s sales agency in Hong Kong was founded in 2001, specializing in Australian high quality natural health foods, skin care products and health supplies. With the corporate culture and ideas of “Conduct honest business, Keep the faith”, Homart brands and products have won many recognized awards and gained strong support from the markets in Hong Kong and in China, especially the brand Organic Nature. Famous movie/TV star Ada CHOI Siu Fun and her husband, once an elite athlete in China, now also a famous movie/TV star Max ZHANG Jin, endorse Organic Nature products in Hong Kong. The shop carrying these products is very hustle-bustle every time there is a promotion. Ada and Max not only enthusiastically took photos with their fans but also shared their experiences with the products, heightening the celebrations and promotions.

Ada remarks that allergic rhinitis has always troubled her since she was very young, which her daughter has also has inherited, causing the occasional runny nose. But ever since they both started taking Organic Nature’s Propolis, their condition has improved, as has their well-being, energy and immunity. Max also chimed in, stating that the liver is an important organ, and is in charge of the elimination of bodily waste. Every now and then, people stay up, which is a burden for the liver. He notices the effects that come with taking Liver Tonic regularly, making him feel more refreshed after sleeping. As for the little ones, Ada and Max think that Omega-3 Fish Oil is just what the young ones need for their vision and brain development since no parents want their kids to take chemical agents, food colourings, or additives, preferring to keep everything natural. Ada also mentioned that she would cut open the fish oil capsules and add it in her kids’ drinks,  porridge, or rice, so that they would naturally take in the nutrition.

Organic Nature’s Top Life products come from Australia, with professional technological development, precious Australian raw materials, premium product quality, and not only have they passed strict food inspections and certifications, but have also won many recognized awards. Homart sources the highest quality of natural ingredients for their health supplements, skin care products, and infant formulas, and Homart aims to care about your health and to care about your families, which is what Homart always believes. Homart Pharmaceuticals was the sole nutritional supplement product provider for the Australian Exhibition at the World Expo held in Shanghai 2010, and its top three brands are Top Life, Spring Leaf, and Health&Nature, which are 100% Australian Made, can be seen worldwide. Founded in Australia in 1992, for the past 22 years Homart has specialised in manufacturing and marketing high quality, pure, and natural Australian health supplements and skin care products, and has won 15 Australian and International Awards in the past 5 years. Homart aims to bring a healthy, balanced and happy life to the general public. For Australian health supplements, Homart is your best choice!

Homart Pharmaceuticals’ phone: 02-9648 2880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo: Celebrity Ada CHOI Siu Fun Endorses Homart Pharmaceuticals Sales Agency in Hong Kong



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