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          Homart is a market leader in Australian made health supplements, skincare and dairy products across our brand portfolio ranging from everyday lifestyle to premium luxury.
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Australian Made Representative Visits Homart Pharmaceuticals

Australian Made is a logo all Australians are proud of. It is a certification trade mark registered with the Federal Government with a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) governing how it can be used and displayed. Products must be registered with the AMCL and must meet their criteria in the Code of Practice to use the logo. A few days ago, Lisa CROWE, Manager of Compliance & Policy from Australian Made, visited Homart Pharmaceuticals to inspect if Homart uses Australian Only raw materials for its health supplements, and if Homart’s manufacturing procedure complies with the strict standards set by Australian Made.

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is administered by the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), a not-for-profit public company established in 1999 by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) and the network of state and territory chambers of commerce, with the cooperation of the Federal Government. The logo was launched by Bob HAWKE in 1986 and for the first 10 years of its life was managed by the Advance Australia Foundation. These days it is administered by the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), under contract from the Federal Government. Shopping for Australian Made and grown products can seem confusing to customers, but now they simply have to look for the famous green and gold Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo, a logo that has been helping consumers identify Australian Made products for over 25 years. There are over 1,700 licensees, and over 10,000 products in Australia. All of Homart Pharmaceuticals’ top quality products proudly display the Australian Made mark.

Homart Managing Director– Ms Lynn YEH accompanied Lisa CROWE, Manager of Compliance & Policy from Australian Made on her visit to Homart’s new 15,000 square metre factory, including the cGMP sterile manufacturing area, large activity centre, dining room and the Century-old Homart Museum, located in the lush green woods. Lisa CROWE was impressed with the size and scale of the factory and operations.

For over 22 years, Homart has always insisted in its corporate mission, which is to bring a healthy, balanced and happy life to the public. Homart is not only dedicated towards producing 100% Australian Made health products, but also endeavours for long-term collaborations with academic organizations, to help with their academic research by providing funds to support their projects. Homart has always been devoted to applying national Australian research findings on its product development to achieve the best quality Australian Made products. Homart Pharmaceuticals was the sole health supplement products provider for the Australia Exhibition Hall at the World Expo held in Shanghai 2010. All of its products are 100% manufactured in Australia. Homart ‘s top three brands Top Life, Spring Leaf and Health & Nature  have reached every corner of the world. Homart is always your first choice!

Homart phone: 02-96482880, website: www.homart.com.au

Photo: Australian Made Representative Visits Homart Pharmaceuticals

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